Stress Really Kills

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There are so many ways stress can kill you. Increased levels of cortisol, which is regularly referred to as the stress hormone. Raised cortisol levels stand in the way with learning and memory, lower immune function and also bone density, and as well increased high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.

Chronic stress is risky/dangerous to health and can guide you to an early death from cancer heart disease, ,and other health problems. It does not matter if the stress comes from major life occurrence in life or from minor problems. They both can be deadly.

Whether it is minor stress, or major stress, it does not matter, stress period isn’t good for your health. It may seem like stressing isn’t harming your body, just because you don’t realize it. You May be thinking that illness is entirely the blame for those irritating but constant headaches, the very frequent insomnia, or even reduced efficiency at work. But stress can most definitely be the cause.

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. I want to talk to you guys about stress. Stress KILLS!! It recently took a good friend of mine, and my sisters as well. It is really no joke, You know you hear these things but it doesn’t really hit you until it happens to you or someone close to you. She was only 26yrs old so beautiful, young, and full of life!!! She also left behind her beautiful baby girl, she’s only 4yrs old. She doesn’t understand at all. How do you tell a child that their mom is never coming back home! This is so hard for us all, it caught us all off guard! She was actually just with me, she was so happy I got me a place. She was suppose to help me decorate and all, but I guess God had other plans. I just wish she could have stayed with her daughter a little longer, you know? So many people are so shocked about this happening to her, she had a heart attack. It really doesn’t matter the age at all, anyone can catch a heart attack. Honestly, I’m so hurt about this happening, but she was so stressed out. Stress isn’t good for no one, and I’ve been telling so many people about my friend’s Marckeyshia death, and that stress kills, I have to also remind myself that. Dealing with major depression and anxiety, I need to constantly remind myself of this.

Everyday I remind myself that stress can kill you, It’s no joke at all. Take care of yourself and stress less.

Marckeyshia was a sweet person in and out, there was nothing about her you wouldn’t like. She was a great mother to her daughter, she always kept a smile on her face. You wouldn’t have never thought she was so stressed out, but she was. What makes it so hard for me, I was just with her a day before she died. We talked, we laughed, and we even cried a little. I just wish I could have taken all her pain away. I wish she could have lived longer, not for me, but for her precious daughter. This is a hard one for my sisters, and I, as well as her sisters and brothers. I’m praying for them all. She struggled, she was so stressed, God knew what was best. Marckeyshia Monique Washington I love you!!!!! I promise I will look out for your baby girl, I promise that if she need anything and I have it, she have it!! I know I can never be mom, but I promise to never let her forget you, and i will do the best I can for her, because right now she doesn’t understand that mother is not coming back. She said to a aunt, my mama died, she always dying. She know her mom has passed out before. (tears) I can’t stop the tears, we all have to keep our self together though.

This is truly a wake up call for us all, her sisters and brothers, as well as my sisters and I. Stress is real and depression is real. I’ve been knowing that it doesn’t matter how old you are, anyone can catch a heart attack from stress or just a heart attack period, but this happening has really shown me it’s no joke at all. It is in fact real, and being stressed out can actually kill you. Everyday is a reminder for me, because I deal with anxiety and major depression, so stress is in there so I wrote down some ways to help manage stressful times. Stress can affect your body, your thoughts, your feelings, and your behavior. Stress kills, it’s real. If you recognize stress symptoms, it can help you to know the symptoms and how to manage them. Stress that’s not checked on, can definitely contribute to many health problems, like high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Taking care of yourself is a must, stress kills, and believe me it’s real.

I found out along time ago, that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can most definitely catch a heart attack. It has no age, and if you aren’t taking care of yourself, or have a sickness, than you’re at a higher risk for a heart attack. Losing a close friend is so hard I’ve been being strong as much as I can. I know death has no age, or a heart attack but she was so young, beautiful, and a great mother. When you’ve been knowing someone for so long, and talked everyday, or saw each other everyday, It makes it even harder. I know she’s in a better place now, no more pain, and no more stress. I know she wouldn’t want us stressed, or in pain because she’s gone, she would want us to live. Even though It’s hard I will do just that and do my best because stress is real, stress really does kill. It took my friend. I promise to be there for her 4yr old daughter, anyway possible. I promise to always show her pictures of her mother all the time, and to let her know mom is looking down on you and to make her proud. I promise to be there for her through the hard times, and the sad times, because when she start growing up she’s going to have questions, she might even cry at times, because a little girl losing her mother is a hard thing to deal with. I can never take the place of you, Marckeyshia, but I will be there with her every step of the way, me, as well as my sisters, and your sisters. She have all of us.

Fly high baby girl, Marckeyshia!!! We love you and most definitely going to miss you!!! We promise to be there for your baby girl.

This year has been rough, so many deaths, so many losses. But I have to keep pushing, I have my son who needs me, now my friend’s daughter, and I promise to push harder. Stress is real and it’s no joke people, if you find yourself stressed out, take deep breathes, find out what’s good to relieve stress, get some help. There are many things you can do to relieve stress, I have a list of things down below. Check them out once you are done reading. It took me awhile to actually write this, because It’s all still fresh, the pain is still here. Lost a good friend on, 7/17/2019 and also a classmate before, life is so short you all need to enjoy life to the fullest because you never know when it’s your last time here. Smile, laugh, love, and enjoy your love ones. Remember, don’t stress over things you can’t change and definitely don’t sweat the minor things, stress is real and stress kills. Down below are ways to help manage stressful times. I loss a good friend to it, plus she had diabetes. I know she was stressed out, being a single mother, It is rough but I wish I could have one more day with her, to let her know like I did before, stressing isn’t good, I love you take care of yourself please, or If I can help with anything you know you can come or call me at anytime. Marckeyshia was just like me though, she just didn’t want to feel like a bother, or hated to ask others for something no matter how close you were, you just don’t want to bother others. I am the exact same way we can be close kin, and I would feel like a bother. No matter how close we are, we could talk everyday all day, and if I need something, I wouldn’t ask. I don’t know why or why if I know for a fact that person would help me, why wouldn’t I ask. That’s just me, I don’t know why.

That’s what a lot of people tell me, that they don’t understand why I do that, why I never tell them I needed the help, or need the help. I couldn’t tell you why. I just don’t like to feel like a bother. But I would just be worried and more worried on the inside. Really driving myself to a migraine on the inside, because I need the help but would really hate to ask, really hate to be a bother because times is hard for everyone. That’s stressing. This is why it is good to talk about everything, as long as it’s someone you trust, I would really sit and talk to them. If it’s someone you trust and it’s someone you know wouldn’t mind helping you out, I’d say go for it that’s one less of stress. Down below are some ways to relieve stress, and ways to help with stress. There’s so many ways to relieve stress, for every stressful moment, in your life. Take a look, try them out and tell me what you think, it’s not good to stress, it’s not good for your health. So, we are all going to do what’s best for our health which is stress less, always pray, and know that everything is going to be okay. Know that you’re blessed and you have no time to be stressed.

To blessed to be to stressed.

Ok, indeed stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and as well as your feelings, and yes, even your behavior as well. Being able to recognize these stress symptoms can actually help you manage them. Stress that’s left unchecked can lead to many health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and as well as diabetes.

If you’re having stress symptoms, there are many ways and steps to take to help manage your stressful moments, and doing so can also have health benefits. Research stress management strategies such as:

Doing, and getting physical activity

Practicing relaxation methods such as breathing, meditation, yoga, tai chi or massage.

Maintaining a sense of humor

Spending time with family and friends

Making time for hobbies, such as reading a book, writing, or listening to music

Line up to find active ways to manage your stress.

Inactive ways to manage stress — such as watching television, surfing the Internet or playing video games — may seem relaxing, but they may be increasing your stress over the long term.

Make sure to get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy, balance diet. Avoid excess caffeine and alcohol and tobacco use, and the use of illegal substances.

When to seek help

If you’re not sure if it’s stress the cause or if you’ve taken steps to control your stress but those symptoms continue, make sure to see your doctor. Your doctor might want to check you for other causes. Or even think about seeing a therapist or a professional counselor, who can help you identify sources of your stress and learn new coping skills.

It’s best to learn new coping strategies about stress symptoms. Stress symptoms, is a silent killer take care of yourself and know the signs and symptoms of stress. Do what’s best for your health, and don’t stress. It is indeed true, to not sweat the small stuff because stress can most definitely kill you.

Take care of yourself and know the signs and symptoms of stress. Remember do not stress! Also, I hope you guys are having a beautiful, and blessed day today and I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read. If so, can you please like and follow for more. Thanks in advance, and Part 2 on stress really kills coming up soon.


10 Things About Anxiety No One Talks About.

Good Evening Beautiful People. I Hope Everyone Is Having A Good Day Today. Let No One Steal Your Joy. My Day Is Going Good So Far. My Son Jayden Is Gone With His Daddy. They Probably Going Fishing. They Love Fishing! I’ll Pass On Going Fishing But I’ll Surely Eat Them. Haha. I’m Not A Big Fan Of Going Fishing But I’ll Surely Cook Them. Anyways, Like I Said My Son Is Gone And I’m Home Relaxing And Writing. I Came Up With 10 Things About Anxiety No One Talks About. I Would Love If You Guys Checked It Out And Tell Me What You Think. Feel Free To Like, Comment, And Even Share!

Struggling With Anxiety Can Be Rough! It Can Tear You Down If You Let It. But There’s Help. There’s No Need To Be Ashamed Or Embarrassed! You Are Not Alone! You Are Very Strong. Click The Link Below And Check Out My 10 Things About Anxiety No One Talks About. Feel Free To Like, Comment, And Share!




If You Need Help Or Know Someone Else That Needs Help, Please Please Visit The National Suicide Preventions Lifeline. You Can Even Reach The Crisis Text Line By Texting “START” To 741-741. 

There Is Help! You Are Not Alone! Don’t Be Afraid Or Ashamed To Dial Any Of These Numbers. Asking For Help Doesn’t Mean That You Are Weak. It Means You Are Strong And Knowing You Need Help And Going Get Help Shows You Are A Very Strong Person. Depression Is A Illness Not A Weakness. Be Blessed My Loves.



Wishing You All A Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing You All A Happy New Year With The Faith That You Will Have Many Blessings In This Year!! Out With The Old And In With The New. 2019 I’m Ready For You!! I’m Sitting Here Thinking About All My Blessings And Wishing You All More. I Hope You All Enjoy This New Year That’s Here. May This New Year Bring New Happiness And New Goals And So Much More. Let Go Of The Past And Get Ready For The Future Don’t Ever Look Back Remain Focus. 2018 Wasn’t The Best But I’m Prepared For What’s Next For My Son And I. This Year I’m Telling That Depression You Are Not Getting The Best Of Me. Life Is Real Short And You Only Get One. Plus, I Have To Be Here For My Son. Jayden Is My Miracle Baby Boy. I Couldn’t Imagine Life Without Him. 2019 I Am Ready For You. And I’m Switching Things Up Too. My Diet. My Eating. You Are What You Eat Is Really A True Fact. As A Matter Of Fact, Certain Foods And Drinks Reduce Anxiety And Depression Symptoms. So, Yes I’m Changing The Way I Eat And Drink This Year And From Now On. I Am 31 Years Old Now. I May Not Look It And It Isn’t That I’m Old. It’s About Time I Start Eating Healthy. I’m Starting My Year Off Healthy And Praying To God For Prosperity, Happiness, More Blessings, Love And A Healthy Year For My Son My Mom, Sisters, And Family. If Thing’s Didn’t Go Good For You Last Year Dust It Off And Try Again This Year. Happy New Year Once Again To You All!! Be Safe And Stay Prayed Up!! God Bless All Of You. Much Love, Jackie & Jayden!!!


Happy Holidays Everyone

Happy Holidays To Each And Everyone Of You!! I’m Wishing You All Peace And Joy!! Love, Happiness And All!!! I Pray You All Have A Safe And Blessed New Year!!! Every Year It Seems Like At The End Of The Year And At The Beginning Of A New Year We Lose A Lot Of People. A Lot Of People Start Dying. Have You Ever Noticed That? Whether It’s Gun Violence, Suicide, Or Just Natural Causes. I Just Pray That Everyone Stay Prayed Up And Be Safe. It’s Always Good To Tell Your Love Ones That You Love Them And To Check Up On Them From Time To Time Because You Really Just Never Know When It’s Your Last Time Here Or When It’s Their Last. Spend Time With Your Family And Love Ones Enjoy Life. I Pray God Keeps Everyone Safe. It’s Almost 2019 I’m Wishing Nothing But The Best For Us All!!



To all mothers I hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day!! Us mothers deserve to enjoy, because being a mother isn’t easy but we make it look easy, we get the job done no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether we’re sick or even just tired, we the job done.! Thumbs up to us.

I hope all mothers enjoyed their day, even though with this coronavirus we can’t do as much… I hope you has made the best of it… my family and I enjoyed with each other. My son woke up and gave me a big hug and a kids and said Happy Mothers Day to the best mom in the world!! I love my son so much. He’s also my miracle baby. He was born feet first and only 2 pounds. I thanks God for him, also I thank God he made it into the world safely. Having a breech baby is dangerous for the mother and baby. He is now 10 years old.

He’s my sunshine when I’m feeling down, he makes me smile daily I love my baby. He’ll always be momma’s baby boy. When I’m depressed I think about how overprotective he is over me, I notice when I walk outside to the car he’s peeping or coming to make sure I’m okay. I said mommy just stepping outside and he’ll say “I know ma but I have to make sure you okay,” (especially at night) so yeah when I think about all of that, and that he loves his mommie to death… so when I’m depressed I think about him and how much he loves me and also needs just like I need and love him to death. He really made my Mother’s Day. Not just Mother’s Day… everyday. I’m glad God he chose me as his mother, and him to be my son.

So… I hope you all enjoyed because we deserved to. I know I did 🙂 Sorry I’m late posting. I was so busy yesterday.

And…. if so happen you didn’t enjoy your Mother’s Day… Try to smile because you’re beautiful :))

The Coronavirus Is Serious!

What Is The Coronavirus? The Coronavirus is a respiratory illness that can spread from one person to another. It’s very contagious. The virus was identified during an investigation in China. It’s also know as COVID-19.

As we all are informed about the Coronavirus, we all need to take precautions. This is a serious virus, a serious respiratory illness/influenza, and there’s no current cure for it. The Coronavirus is spreading from person to person here in the United State, and fast might I had. The risk of COVID-19 are people that are very close contact to each other (within about 6 feet) of someone who’s known to have COVID-19, as a example household members or even people on your job. Through droplets that’s produced when they’re close to a person that’s infected, especially when they’re coughing or sneezing.

The very first victim of COVID-19 in the United State was reported on January 21, 2020.


The Symptoms Of The Coronavirus Are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Fever

Severe complications from this virus cause some patients to have pneumonia in both lungs, multi-organ failure and in most cases death.

Some ways to protect yourself

  • Avoid contact with people that are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands.
  • Wash your hands very often and for at least 20 seconds. Use a alcohol hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% of alcohol if water or soap aren’t available.

If you or someone you know is ill, to keep from spreading the respiratory illness to others, stay home when sick. Make sure to cover your mouth or sneeze with a Kleenex, than make sure to through it in the trash. Another thing is to make sure to disinfect and clean objects touched and surfaces on a regular/frequently.

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Everyone Thinks They Know What Depression Feels Like

Everyone talks as if they know what depression feels like. Mostly the ones who have never even gone through it, or never had to fight it but talk so easily about it

Everyone feels like depression is something you can just get over quickly when it’s really not that easy

Saying things like “get over it” or “snap out of it” as if you lost a game and upset you didn’t win, when in reality you’re hoping and praying that you’ll get through this and finally be yourself again

Everyone talks as if they just know depression, not understanding that it’s like riding a rollercoaster that keeps going and going full of thoughts and emotions, feeling like you’ve totally lost control of it

Depression is that shadow that sticks to you even when you’re happy and in that bright place until you’re embracing it and wouldn’t let you go

Depression is when you’re smiling and laughing but no matter how hard you try you still feel empty inside

Depression is like having a war with your own mind, driving you crazy but you just can’t help it

Depression makes everything seem impossible to hear, depression is just a bunch of different emotions

Making you feel as if you’re drowning everyday and you just can’t and won’t be saved

Never ending pain, never ending struggles, feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel

Everyone thinks they know what depression is, when really they don’t know how it feels

Depression is when you feel massive pain but really none of it goes away

Everyone thinks they know your pain, everyone feels as if they know what depression feels like

Some days are joyous moments and some days are horrific moments

Depression can happen at anytime in you life, everyone thinks you’re just lazy or just don’t want to get things right

Everyone feels like depression is so unreal, not knowing or understanding the pain that you feel

Everyone thinks they know just how depression feels, in reality they have no idea

Everyone needs to know that depression (or any other mental illness) isn’t a joke, this isn’t something someone would want to go through just to go through

Understand that mental illnesses come at any age, without a choice, at any given moment, and no matter your color

Depression is real and everyone needs to know it. Everyone needs to understand this, especially the ones who speak negative about it and has never had to fight it. Depression is so real it can steal/ruin everything and everyone around you. Making you feel like you’re worthless and there’s no hope for you. Everyday is like a nightmare that you’ll never wake up from.

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Depression Is…..

Depression is much more than just sadness

Depression makes you feel all alone, even when that’s wrong

Depression makes you feel hopeless and worthless,

Depression makes you feel like you just can’t get it right.

Depression is feeling like you’re trapped/stuck in your own mind

Depression is feeling trapped inside your very own dark dark mind.

Depression is getting up and wishing you didn’t wake up

Depression is randomly crying and crying feeling like nothing is left inside of you. Depression is when you just don’t know why

Depression is when you feel so empty inside, making you just want to go run and hide, wondering why why why

Depression is so much more than just being sad

Depression is getting sad about nothing at all

Depression is feeling like you’re worth nothing at all

Depression is a illness, it’s one illness that makes you feel, that makes things seem so unreal

Depression is when everything is going right but you’re still sad

Depression is where most times you just feel dead

Depression is wanting to go out out

But at the same time you don’t feel like socializing

Depression is when you feel so cold, when your thoughts is running wild and you just want to escape your own mind

Depression is when your feel deserted.

What is depression?!

It’s like you’re fighting with the devil!!

—- Face Depression

“Depression Poem By Me” Face Depression… Part 2

Depression is one word and so easy to say when honestly, it controls each of our day.

Depression is very scary, so if I was you I wouldn’t pass any judgement, especially if you haven’t fought it or dealt with it.

Depression is like a rollercoaster, except for you cannot control it and sometimes it’s very hard to focus.

The sun just be arises as I go to get in the bed and my mind whispers “You’re just better off dead.”

I always push through those words and get through my day but sometimes it’s really hard to concentrate.

Friends and family look absolutely disgusted I try to tell them the truth but depression won’t allow me to trust.

Playing like your I’ll/sick, with a severe cold or even the flu, but honestly I’m sick in my head and depression makes sure you know that that is in fact true.

Honestly, you can’t expect people to know the truth about your pain and sorrow, if only it was possible to let people borrow your mind just for one time, to understand your pain and sorrow.

Depression cause your mind to race constantly with many different thoughts, not being able to rest, your mind just wanders.

Which can guide me to sleep for the most fitting of the night.

Hey depression can you let me sleep? I’m not sure maybe I might. Depression says no so I’m up most of the night.

Wondering why depression is doing you like this… making you feel hopeless. And in your (our) mind it‘s up-roaring.

Most people are cozy in bed and cuddled tight, and here I am up all night, and has to be ready for this fight.

Some people tell me I’m strong but honestly it’s not how I feel, depression makes it hard to know what’s even real. Makes it hard to even see things clear.

Here I am up yet again and the sun arises once again, it’s really no surprise though but I will fight this til the end.

And I believe you can to, continue to fight through this. You (we) got this!! Never lose focus and learn to cope with it. You can beat this, we can beat this.

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Face Depression… “When Depression Comes Knocking On Your Door”

Sometimes we get to where we just don’t feel like doing nothing. We feel all these emotions like riding on a rollercoaster, feeling lost and sometimes it feels like you just can’t control it. Experiencing different mood swings, and some people feel like you’re over exaggerating. Not knowing what you’re feeling or dealing with.

But those are the people you shouldn’t surround yourself with. It’s simple. Negativity isn’t the key on your journey to healing or coping. Dismiss yourself from all that ignorance.

Below is a poem I wrote….. about depression.

When Depression Comes Knocking On Your DoorPoem by me: Face Depression

Depression is real, depression is a rain of tears, and when depression comes and when time passes by, it becomes all of our biggest fear. Depression is like a sad and very tragic film, that makes our tears freely flow and flow. It’s a sad film that makes us all cry at night, wondering will we ever when win this fight, not knowing why we cry so much at night, and can’t understand this plight.

Depression is a friend I would like my family to really know but they say “just let it go!” Depression is like a rope tied so tight around your wrist that we don’t know if it still exists.

Depression is like a bad nightmare that stops you from sleeping up all night and your mind just keep overthinking. Depression is the voice that keeps ringing in our heads depression is just like having a scary monster hiding underneath your bed.

Depression is a ghost that haunts you whether you want it to or not everyday is a scary sight. Depression makes you feel like you’re already dead scared to even enter the next day. Depression is like a bullet through your heart it kills you everyday leaving you very distraught.

It is a victorious and very painful word that’s forever being said. Depression…. depression isn’t a very kind visitor. Depression isn’t gold from a chest. So, if and when depression knocks on your door please don’t answer it if you’re not ready for the expedition.

Depression want to make you feel as if you’re all alone until you get to the point to where you just don’t know anymore.

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Hello Everyone. I Have A Problem… If Anyone Can Help It’ll Be A Blessing.

Good afternoon everyone, I’m trying my best to enjoy this Friday. I hope you all are doing great on today. I feel like today couldn’t get any worse. I’m not working at the moment but do have a income but I don’t get paid til next week on Thursday, and I’m behind on my Entergy bill from helping my sister with my niece’s funeral. I normally pay it online. I have half and I’m short 60$ I was wondering if any of my followers could really help me out, I’ll be able to repay you guys Thursday. If you can it’ll be a big help. I really don’t need or want my son in the dark.

P.S if you can’t it’s very understandable, and God bless you still, and thanks anyways. I don’t like to ask or bother others but it don’t hurt to try especially when it comes to my son.

I did payment arrangements and now I have a disconnection letter. I do have cash app and Netspend if anyone can help. $jackiechristopher

Anything would be appreciated.

Hello Everyone Sorry It’s Been Awhile But My Niece Died

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great on this Monday. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I lose my niece. It hurts so bad. So to all my beautiful/kind followers I’m sorry for the long time gone. The funeral was Friday just passed and it still hurts so bad. I just need a little time. Her death was definitely not expected and we were so close. She was just 20 years old. She had diabetes, went into cardiac arrest. (Tears)

Just need some time you guys. Please pray for me and my family. We need it. To see my son cry omg. Teedy will miss I love you always Jamirah Janae.

Please understand why it’s been so so long. I never would’ve thought, my niece.

It hurts entirely to bad you guys. I just pray God takes this pain away. I just don’t feel the same.

I’m not even sure I can pay for my blog, I helped my sister out with the funeral and stuff. I had to. Hopefully I can figure something out to make it work. Thanks for understanding everyone. This is one hard pill to swallow.


Happy New Year!!!!

Well well well… it is now 2020!!! We made it in safe and it is truly a blessing. Because somebody didn’t wake up, somebody didn’t make it to 2020, so it is definitely a blessing to see a new year.

I’m wishing nothing but the blessings to you all and your families. I pray and wish that all of our dreams (your dreams) come true, we just have to keep pushing through, we have to understand that not everything is going to go our way. Keep the faith and no matter what… always remember, that it’s never to late to accomplish your dreams, or should I say your goals.

I have many great wishes for all of you… I pray that whoever is going through something, feeling so not loved, or feeling like not a thing in your life is astounding, remember that it’s a new year 2020 its a new beginning, a new chapter, to do and to accomplish your goals. You can make it happen! Don’t let nothing or no one stop you. Do what you got to do for you, you can make your aspirations come true.

A year has gone by and new year anticipates all of us. This new year expects us. A new year comes with promises, resolutions, and last but not least… we can make positive changes in our lives, that’ll lead towards a positive and beautiful future. Take last year for instance, if you didn’t accomplish your goal last year, it’s 2020 a new year let’s make it happen.

A new year is a change, while that change we believe we can change right along with it. It takes dedication, you have to be determined to change. If last year wasn’t your who’s to say this year won’t be?! Just like the freshness from Gain’s washing powder, I hope and pray that the new year brings a lot of excitement and accomplishments for us all. I’m counting my blessing everyone and wishing you all more.

Choose to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

It’s a new year 2020… anything or anybody negative you have to dismiss them. Being around negative people, rubs off on you. Choose to be joyful and not happy because joy is a constant delight, choose to make your goals a reality.

— Face Depression

So once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, especially to all followers.

I wish you all the best. I wish that the new year brings love, accomplishments, positive changes in life if needed, and I wish nothing but motivation and inspiration to continue to fight, and achieve your goals in life and also to remember that you’re not alone in this. Yeah we may suffer with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or ocd, but we’re all humans… and we all can succeed and accomplish our goals, and live happy and free.

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Hello everyone, I know I’m a little late but…..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

I’m sending hugs to you all… and I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Especially the kids. They look forward to Christmas. I know mine enjoyed his Christmas, with his birthday just 7 days before Christmas he really enjoyed.

That’s just some… lol. There’s plenty more. Jayden really enjoyed his Christmas, which mean I enjoyed mine because seeing him smiling, happy, and thankful for everything made my day.

I also teach my son that it’s not about the gifts for Christmas, but it’s when Christ was born. To remember the birth of Christ (or Jesus) I teach him that without him none of us would be. It’s about being thankful, thankful for Christ, family, friends, and love… gifts are fine but it’s not the actual, or the only meaning of Christmas.

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Come and walk with me a while


I'm just a pocket poet.

The Wellness Warrior

finding balance

The life of a stay at home momma

ups and downs, hilarious stories and more

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