3 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Jacky u have described the real picture of depression. I know only that person could describe who live or lived that life. I went thru myself. I am alone so I have make writing my best friend which help me to control on my depression. U r not alone walking on this road. U have courage to come forward. God bless you.

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    1. Aww 🥰 I wish I could love ❤️ your comment! Thank you so much. You hit it right on the nose, Only that person going through it can describe it. You are so right. Writing actually helps with depression. So keep writing you will see how it helps. It took me awhile to come forward about it, since some people think us with depression or any other mental disorder are crazy. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Now, I don’t care what nothing say. Call me crazy I don’t care at all, because we are not crazy. We are all very smart. We just have these thoughts that comes regularly. Feelings that’s almost always there. But we are not crazy. So I thank you again. Because you saying that has given me more courage. 😘

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