Looks Can Be Deceiving

Hello Everyone I’m Not Sure If I Ever Introduced Myself But So Here It Is. My Name Is Jacqualine I Am 30Yrs Old. I Go By Jackie For Short. My Name So Long I Hate It Haha. I Have. Son Name Jayden He’s 8Yrs Old Making 9 Soon And I’ll Be 31 Soon. I Suffer With Major Depression/GAD And It’s Ok!!! I May Have Depression But I Won’t Let Depression Have Me! I Love To Write In General And I Love Writing Poems. You Guy’s Will See For Yourself. Follow My Blog You Won’t Be Sorry I Have A lot To Talk About. I Have A lot To Express. Something I Should Have Done Along Time Ago. I Take Things Step By Step And Day By Day And I Never Forget To Pray!!!! A Lot Of People Say, “You Don’t Look Like You’ll Have Depression.” Really? Wow Or They’ll Say, “You Don’t Look Depressed!” Wow Haha I Hear A Lot Of Crazy Things. I Have No Shame. I Let It Be Known And I Deal With It. Can You Look Depressed? Or Can You Look Like You Have Depression? I Mean, You Can Tell Sometimes If A Person Is Sad. Honestly, You Never Know What A Person Is Going Through. That’s One Saying That Is Real. You Can’t Go By The Outside. Just Like You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover! Even When I’m Hurt Or Going Through Something I Smile Sometimes. I Catch Hell Almost Everyday From Depression. One Minute I’m Happy The Next Minute I Just Want to Break Down And Cry. One Minute I’m Feeling Great About Myself And The Next I’m Thinking “You Are Nothing.” That Plus More So You Can’t Say I Don’t Look Like I Don’t Have Depression. It’s Not A Game You Win It’s A Complete Nightmare. A Complete Headache.

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12 thoughts on “Looks Can Be Deceiving

  1. We’re in this together 🥰🥰🥰 no problem


  2. Again, its nice to meet you Jackie! You’re strong! Keep sharing your story, and keep fighting and praying! 😁 It very true that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I know that first hand as a person with an invisible disability. I also tend to smile and hide how I am truly feeling, although my family is pretty good at reading me! 😄

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    1. It’s nice to meet you Charli ☺️🥰 I most definitely will keep fighting and praying. Also praying I help someone. Thank you for reading. You too keep fighting and praying and don’t ever give up!! 🥰🥰🥰 you never know what a person is going through. You can smile, you have everything in the world you want, but you never know what battle a person may be fighting. On the inside.

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      1. Awww! Thankyou! ❤️

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  3. Hiii Jacqueline… ! I am connected to your blog.. And I see something common..

    “You don’t seems depressed”?… People said the same to mee.. ! And I was like inside myself.. How would you ever know when You yourself never had it..

    People are very fast to Judge.. At the same time it made us free from Judgement ❤…

    May GOD bless you and me with Peace.. 😊

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    1. Right And I’m Glad you Like my blog. I wanted to start years ago but I let my Depression get to me. You are right How can you understand something you haven’t experienced at all. Or how can you just say “suck it up?” Like it’s that easy.


      1. I know how it feels..

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      2. Yeah last night…. All of a sudden I just couldn’t breath. That was scary


      3. The past hurts are trying to tell you.. free yourself from those who hurt you in the oast

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      4. I’m tired of it but I can’t and won’t let it stop me. I have a 8yr old son looking up to me.


      5. You are a Warrior of light.. and Not a victim ❤

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      6. Thanks alot ♥️ so are you. 💪💪


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