Hello I’m Back Guys!!

Good Morning Everyone, Sorry I Haven’t Been On But My Son Had Trouble Breathing And Was In The Hospital. That Was So Scary! Also It Triggered My Depression. I Felt Like Why Am I Blogging? I’m Not Giving Up Though. You Never Know Who I Came Help Just By Reading My Situations And Experiences. I’m Getting Ready Now For My Appointment At Behavior Health In About 20 Minutes. I Always Wait Until It’s Really Close To Make A Move And Get Dressed. I Was So Close to Cancelling It, That’s Just How I Get. I Don’t Feel Like Going And I Already Feel Drained!! Have You Ever Been Do Tired And Sad Your In A Place Full Of People And Still Feel Empty, Lost, And Lonely? It’s Like Your There But Your Not? I Feel Like That Today. I’m Just So Tired Of These Mixed Feelings! Ok Guy’s I’m Headed To My Appointment And I Will Talk To You Guy’s After.

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8 thoughts on “Hello I’m Back Guys!!

  1. This is a common feeling when one is depressed or anxious. Sort of like you are so different from everyone else. Everything even these feelings pass, so don’t dwell on these thoughts too much. Keep busy. It helps.

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    1. Right, thanks 😘 I distract myself alot so avoid the feelings.

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      1. That ‘s the way forward!


  2. I am sure it will be something that will help

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    1. Yeah the Zoloft helps. I just ran out of them. I had alot going on and it really slipped my mind to do the refill.

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  3. 🙂 Welcome back, Jackie.

    Did the doctors tell you the reason why your son had breathing difficulties?

    I am assuming that he is much better now.

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    1. Thanks so much. I am so sorry for responding late. Yesterday was really busy for me. My son is much better today. Thank God. U see, my son got into a accident. U will see our story. I’m posting about him(my miracle) Today. Maybe later

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