5 Symptoms Of Depression

Feeling Sad And Hopeless And You Don’t Know Why? Are You Feeling Overwhelmed And Can’t Stop It? Don’t Feel Like Getting Up In The Mornings? Has It Been Going On Longer Than 2 Or 3 Weeks? If The Answer Is Yes Than You May Be Suffering From Depression. Here Are 5 Ways To Know If Your Depressed…..

1.) Lost Of Interest…

Things That You Once Loved To Do You Hate Doing Them Now Like For Instance Cooking, Going To The Movies, Writing, Going Out To Eat With Friends Or Even Fishing. You Find Yourself Distancing Yourself From Others Like Your Friends And Family Not Because You Don’t Want The Friendship Or You Acting Funny(As Some May Think) But Because You Feel Like Nobody Would Care About Those Emotions And Feelings Or That Nobody Would Understand The Battles You Face Each Day Fighting With Your Mind Or Your Thoughts And Feelings. Loss Of Interest And Withdrawals From Activities You Once Loved Is A Way To Know You Have Depression. Things You Onced Looked Forward To You Hope Never Come.

2.) Headaches

More Than Normal You Find Yourself With Headaches Or Migraines To Where Excedrin Is Your New Best-friend! Not Just 1 Day Either, I Mean just About Everyday You Wake Up With A Headache And Maybe Even Go To Sleep With One But You Are Going To Get One You Know It Already. Friends Calling To Go Out And You Just Want To Be Inside. You Would Rather Stay Home And Be Sad Sitting In The Dark Or Laying In The Bed.

3.) Loss Of Appetite Or Increased Appetite

Depression Can Cause A Loss Of Appetite Or increase Your Appetite. Which Both Aren’t Good. Loss Of Appetite Is Actually A Common Symptom Of Depression. Depression Takes Away Your Energy And Takes A Toll On Your Body. You Usually Are A Big Eater And Lately You Haven’t Been Being Hungry Or Wanting To Eat Or Maybe You’ve Been Eating More Than Ever Now. Either Or Isn’t Good. They Are Both Signs Of Depression. Have You Noticed You Are Losing Weight By The Day?! Or Gaining Pounds By Day? While Loss Of Appetite Is A Common Symptom Of Depression It Can Cause Overeating Also. Like Emotional Eating. Some People May Be Hungry While Others May Not Be Hungry At All And Lose Weight While The One’s Eating May Gain Weight.

4.) Changes In Moods

You Was Always The Happy One Now You Are Always The Emotional Moody One. One Minute You Are So Happy And The Next You Are Sad. You Just Feel Hopeless, Worthless, And Guilty Nearly Everyday?! Emotions That Just Won’t Go Away. You Try To Be Happy As Much As You Can But Those Emotions Over Powers Your Mind. You Was Never The Type To Really Cry And Now All You Do Is Cry. Unshakeable Moods/Emotions.

5.) Anxiety

Notice That You Have Been Worrying A Little To Much? I’m Talking About Excessive Worrying! Feeling Weak And Tired All The Time You Just Want To Lay Down. Having Anxiety Can Take A Toll On You. You Are always Nervous And Feeling Restless Everyday. Occasional Anxiety Is Something Everyone Experience It’s Normal In Life. But On The Other Hand Their Are People Who Suffer With Anxiety Disorder Which Is Much More Serious. Your Always Intense Or Having Excessive Worry’s That You Can’t Seem To Shake Or Get Over. It Affects Your Everyday Life! Your Daily Activities! Repeated Episodes Of Feelings. Always Feeling Weak And Trembling Each Day. Each Day You Having Trouble Controlling These Feelings. Your Heart Beating Super Fast Sometimes You May Sweat Also. Anxiety Is Serious And Can Be Treated. Anxiety Can Also Lead To Insomnia. Not Being Able To Sleep Up For Hours. Waking Up From Only 3Hrs Of Sleep.

Here Are My 5 Symptoms Of Depression. If Your Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms Constantly And Can Not Help It There Is Help. Talk To Your Primary Care Doctor/Psychiatrist And If You Don’t Have Any There Are Clinics. You Don’t Have To Deal With This Alone. Talk To Someone. You Are Not Alone!!!

I Suffer With Anxiety And Believe Me It’s Hard To Deal With. But You Don’t Have To Deal With It Alone. There Are Counselors You Can Talk To About The Symptoms You Have Been Dealing With On A Daily basis. There Are People Who Care And There Are Medications That Can Help With Those Symptoms. You Have To Take That First Step To Get Help And Know That You Can Beat It Don’t Let It Beat You. Feeling Hopeless, Always Worrying And Having Negative Thoughts…. But You Are So Much More 😘😘😘

I Am An Example!! I Suffer Everyday With It(Major Depression And Anxiety) And It’s Hard But I Give It To God!! And Take My Medication Like I’m Suppose Too. There Are 40 Million People Suffering With Depression And Anxiety But Only A Few Get Treated. Some May Feel Ashamed About It But I’m Not. It’s Hell But There Are People Who Care. And With Them You Will Get Through Don’t Let Anxiety Take Over You!!

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  1. Been there. Rock on, Jackie!

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