Anxiety And Depression….

Anxiety! Anxiety! Why Must You Bother Me? Never Knowing When Your Gonna Sneak Up. Anxiety And Depression I Have Had Enough! Each And Everyday Is Hard To Get Up. Having Anxiety And Depression Is Rough. Anxiety And Depression Can Have You Feeling Down. Feeling So Tired You Can’t Even Move Around. Anxiety! Anxiety! Why MustContinue reading “Anxiety And Depression….”

Tell Depression…..

Good Morning Everyone! I Hope You All Are Having A Great And Blessed Morning And I Hope Everyone Enjoy Their Day. Me, I Am Having A Great Morning My Son Is At School So I’m Just Doing My Motherly Duties. Washing Clothes And Folding Them. I Also Hope You All Like This Short Poem AndContinue reading “Tell Depression…..”

Depression 2

Depression Can Hit You. You Have No Ideal. Depression Is Real. Depression Can Be A Big Deal. Depression Can Happen To Anybody. Depression Can Happen At Any Hour. Depression Can Have You Feeling Out Your Body. Depression Can Have You Friends With Nobody. Depression Can Have You With So Many Emotions. Depression Can Have YouContinue reading “Depression 2”


Im only human.

CJ Mollo

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