If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew The Things I Go Through. Everyday Is A Fight With Your Mind. And At Times You Can Feel Like Your Losing Your Mind. Crying, Not Knowing Which Way To Go. If You Only Knew The Places My Mind Go. Feeling Lost And Confused. Having The Friends To Talk Too. No Family There At Times I Feel Like Nobody Cares. If You Only Knew How These Emotions Take Over. If You Only Knew How Sometimes These Feelings Take Over. Laying Around All Day Sad And Emotional. If Only You Knew These Feelings I Go Through. If You Only Knew I’m Up Every Night. Up Every Night With No Sleep In Sight. If You Only Knew Pains And Aches I Go Through. If You Only Knew Depression Takes A Toll On You.

If Only You Knew How My Mind Race. If Only You Knew These Battles I Face. If Only You Knew The Struggle. If Only You Knew All These Thoughts I Juggle. If Only You Knew How Waking Up In The Mornings Is Hard. If Only You Knew Depression Is Rough.

Published by Expressive Jackie

Hello Beautiful People, My Name Is Jackie. I Am 31yrs Old And I Have A 9yrs Old Son. Who I Love So Much!!! His Name Is Jayden. I Also Love To Write, Take Pictures,And Help Others. I Suffer With Major Depression And Anxiety On A Daily Basis But I Try Not To Let It Stop Me. God Got Me!!!

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