Things I Do To Distract Those Feelings Of Depression

Hello Everyone I Hope Everyone Is Having A Great Day. My Day Was Okay. Having Depression Sometimes Mess Up Your Day But I Will Be Okay. I Will Never Let Depression Take Over Me. Some Days Are Bad But I Try To Distract Those Emotions That I Have. Depression Can Make You Feel So Low When You Have No Reason. Having Depression Is Not Easy. I Suffer With Major Depression And Anxiety And I’m Not Ashamed At All. Depression Can Happen To Anybody. It Doesn’t Mean Your Crazy. It Doesn’t Mean Your Weak. And It Doesn’t Mean You Are Weird. Everybody Have Stress And Depression/Anxiety At Times. Some Depression And Anxiety Go Away With Some People And Some Live With It Everyday.

Depression Can Sneak Up On You. Believe Me It Can Happen To You Too. Depression Doesn’t Give You A Choice. If It Did Trust Me I Wouldn’t Choose It. When I Feel Down. I Start Moving Around. Because Depression Can Get You Down. I Always Try To Do Something To Distract The Anxiety Or Those Dark Feelings I Get. If You Suffer With Depression You Should Try It. Read A Book Or Go Cook. Sometimes I Go To The Park And Take A Walk. If I’m Feeling Hopeless I Try To Stay Focus Because Depression Can Provoke You. Having Depression Can Make You Feel Weak. Which Is Why It’s Really Good To Sleep. At Least 8Hrs. Sometimes It’s Hard To Sleep. And Sometimes You Don’t Even Want To Eat. But Eating Plenty Of Fruit A Do. And Exercise Will Help Too.

Everyday You Feel Restless And Tired. Feeling Weak And slow. Along With Having No Hope. Depression Can Withdraw You From Friends And Have Them Wondering. Them Not Knowing Or Understanding What You Going Through. They Just Think You Acting Funny. Meaning You Don’t Want To Be Bothered With Them Or They Might Think You Don’t Want To Be Friends No More. When It’s Not Even That. Depression Makes You Feel Sad And Not The Sadness That Eventually Go Away. I’m Talking About Sadness That Does Not Go Away The Sadness That Stay And Mess With Your Moods. I’d Rather Have That Sadness That Soon Go Away. Than The Sadness That Stays. With This Depression I Sometimes Have Trouble Getting Up In The Morning. I Always Feel Lonely. But I Noticed If I Start Doing Stuff To Distract My Feelings It Helps.

Try Making A Cup Of Coffee Or Painting. Or Even Baking. Do Something To Distract Those Dark Thoughts. When You Have No Self Esteem Compliment Yourself. When You Are Depressed You Might Hear Thoughts Telling You To Just Be Alone Or Don’t Bother People With Your Problems. But It’s Really Good To Talk To Someone Instead Of Holding It All In. Make Sure It’s Someone You Trust. Don’t Listen To Those Thoughts. When Depressed You Stop Doing All Activities You Once Loved To Do. But Don’t Give Depression The Power!! Depression Can Take Over You!! If You Let It. Depression Can Be Treated. Some Medications Really Help With Majority Of The Symptoms. You Don’t Have To Always Feel Sad And Unhappy. Act Against That Inner Voice That Keeps Telling You Nothing Will Work. Kick That Depression In The Dirt! You Can Beat Depression Don’t Let It Beat You.

When That Inner Voice Tell You That You Are Nothing Get Up And Start Doing Something. You Can’t Give In. You Gotta Tell That Depression You Will Not Be A Victim. You Can Fight Depression Don’t Punish Yourself. Tell That Depression That You Love Yourself. No Matter What That Inner Voice Or Inner Voices Telling You. Sometimes I Feel So Sad And Eat. At Times I Don’t Want To Eat. I Used To Not It. I Loss A Lot Of Weight And Believe Me I Can’t Afford To Lose Weight I’m Already Petite. But I Couldn’t Eat. At One Time My Depression Almost Took Over Me. Until I Told Myself No Matter How I’m Feeling I’m Gonna Have A Good Day. I’m Gonna Eat Even When Not Hungry. If It’s Just An Apple, Crackers, And Oranges As Long As I Eat Something. Something Is Better Than Nothing. Because Not Eating Will Not Help At All. You Gonna Constantly Be Weak, Don’t Eat, Don’t Sleep, Feeling Even More Hopeless And That Ain’t Good At All. Have Something Close By To Snack On. Not Eating And Not Doing Anything Is Letting Depression Win. I Had To Realize Giving In To Those Thoughts Is Like Letting Depression Have Power Over You. When I Feel Sad I Go Read A Book. When I Feel Hopeless I Go Cook. Don’t Give Into Your Thoughts. I Know I Don’t.

Life With Depression…

Life Can Be So Unfair. Especially When It Seems Like Nobody Cares. I Try To Do What’s Right But It’s Always A Fight. People Think They Are So Perfect While Making You Feel So Unworthy. At Times I Feel So Alone. Not Knowing Which Way To Go. Wanting To Be Well But I Just Can’t Get There. Knowing People Love You But You Don’t Feel Like They Do. Because It Seems They Don’t Care What You Going Through. Always Feeling Hopeless And Nobody Even Notice.

You Try To Feel Like Yourself But Your Mind Say Something Else. Feeling Nothing But Darkness Emotions Feeling So Broken. You Feel Nothing But Guilt And Wilt. Feeling Sad And Lonely Not Knowing Why You Just Feel Like Everyone Disowned Me. Always Feeling Lifeless But You Keep Going Cause You Have To Fight This. Nobody Understands How You Feel.

Some Think It’s Not Real. But That’s a Lie Depression Can Kill. I Hate When Someone Says “Suck It Up” As If It’s A Cup Of Water. I Wish It Was That Easy Because I’ve Had Enough. Each And Everyday Is Rough. Feeling Like Your Not Enough.