Depression 4

Depression Is Nothing To Be Ashamed About. It Can Happen To Anybody At Any Given Hour. Depression Is A Mental Illness That Can Sometimes Be Severe. Depression Causes All Kinds Of Negative Thoughts. Depression Can Be Tough. Depression Makes You Feel So Exhausted. Making It Hard To Get Up In The Mornings. Depression Makes You Feel So Lonely. Depression Makes You Lose Sleep. Depression Can Cause You Not To Eat. Depression Makes You Dwell On Negative Thoughts. Hiding All The Hurt And Pain With Tears Flowing Like Rain. Depression Can Cause You To Say “I’m Fine” When Your Not. When Your Inside Feels Like Their Tired In Knots. Depression Is Oppression And A Deadly Hidden Message. Depression Destroys Your Hope And Dreams. Having Depression Sometimes Makes You Scream. It Destroys Your Soul And Take Your Goals.

Depression Makes You Hopeless. Depression Has You Walking Around Moping. With Depression You Can’t Run Or Hide It’s Rule You Will Abide. Feeling Lost Inside. Having Depression No One Understands. Having Depression Why Would I Have This Planned. Having Depression All I Do Is Pray Because I Don’t Know How Long This Will Last But I’m Praying This Too Will Pass.

Taking Your Medication Everyday And Pray Everything Is Gonna Be Okay. At Times It’s Even Hard For Me But I Know I Can Beat This ✊🏾👌🏾 I Refuse To Let My Depression Take Over Me. And If You Deal With It Get Help. There’s Medications That Helps. Nothing Is Wrong With Needing Help At All. Everyone Needs Help At Some Point In Life.

Having Depression 3

Having Depression Can Be A Stressor.

Having Depression Doesn’t Make You Feel Better.

Having Depression Can Make You So Low Like Your Low Pass The Ground.

Having Depression You Feel In The Darkness.

Having Depression Can Make You Less Hungry.

Having Depression Can Make You Feel Hopeless.

Having Depression Can Make You Feel Unnoticed.

Having Depression Can Make You Sad.

Having Depression You Sometimes Feel Dead.

Having Depression You Have So Many Aches And Pains.

Having Depression You Don’t Feel The Same.

Having Depression Can Make You Go Insane.

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