Having Depression 3

Having Depression Can Be A Stressor.

Having Depression Doesn’t Make You Feel Better.

Having Depression Can Make You So Low Like Your Low Pass The Ground.

Having Depression You Feel In The Darkness.

Having Depression Can Make You Less Hungry.

Having Depression Can Make You Feel Hopeless.

Having Depression Can Make You Feel Unnoticed.

Having Depression Can Make You Sad.

Having Depression You Sometimes Feel Dead.

Having Depression You Have So Many Aches And Pains.

Having Depression You Don’t Feel The Same.

Having Depression Can Make You Go Insane.

Hello 👋🏾 Good Morning To All My Followers. I Hope You Like This Short Poem That Came To Mind. And I Also Hope You All Follow And Continue To Follow My Blog And Like And Share. I Hope You All Have A Great And Blessed Morning Be Safe. 👌🏾😉🤗😃

Published by Face Depression

Hello Beautiful People, My Name Is Jackie. I Am 31yrs Old And I Have A 10yr Old Son. Who I Love So Much!!! His Name Is Jayden. I Also Love To Write, Take Pictures,And Help Others. I Struggle With Major Depression And Anxiety On A Daily Basis But I Try Not To Let It Stop Me. God Got Me!!! I Will Keep Fighting And Keep Pushing.

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