A Timeline About Sugar/Foods That Reduce Anxiety And Depression.

We All Love Candy Right? Like Who Doesn’t? Eating A Box Of Your Favorite Good Rich Chocolates Feels Like Heaven Right?! I Know But Plenty Sugar, In Particular Is Actually One Of The Biggest Contributors To A Very Poor Mental State. It’s Really Important What You Put In Your Body. It’s Really Easy To Believe Anxiety And Other Health Problems Are Totally Different Than Your Physical Health. Honestly, In Reality The Way You Feel Mentally May Be Straight Correlated To How You Feel Physically. Right?

Understanding The Interconnection Between The Brain And Sugar.

Anxiety And Depression At Most Times Are Together. Meaning That Most People Who Struggle With Anxiety Also Experience Depression. Some People It’s More Anxiety Than Depression And Some People It’s More Depression Than Anxiety. But They Are Both Extremely Connected. People (Like Myself) Are Frequently Given Medications To Avert The Reuptake Of Serotonin And To Make More Serotonin Available For Your Brain. Which Are SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) When These Medications Was Evolved It Was To Believe That Anxiety And Depression Were Caused By Low Levels Of Serotonin. You Wouldn’t Believe That Further Studies Show That Not Low Levels Of Serotonin But High Levels Of Serotonin In Reality Making Anxiety Levels Worse For Many Many People. Guess What Else Raises Your Serotonin Levels? Sugar! Yes! If You Are One That Suffers From Anxiety, It’s Real Possible That Every Time You Eat Sugar You’re Providing To The Neurochemical Reaction Of Anxiety And Additionally Prolonging The Issue.

Connecting Your Stomach Health To Your Mental Health.

There’s This Thing Called Microbiome Living Inside Of Us All And Often Overlooked. But It’s Produced Of Trillions Of Bacteria. I Know Right? It Sounds Gross! But Believe It Or Not, You Would Not Be Alive Without Them. Your Brain, Immune System, And Mood Are All Mainly Controlled By Your Microbiome. You Can Either Choose To Feed The Good Bacteria Or Bad Bacteria. And Believe Me Or Not, Sugar Continues To Feed The Bad Bacteria. Plenty Sugar Intake Donates To The Blood Sugar Spikes, Imbalances, And Insulin Resistance. When Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Order, It Throws Off Your HypothalamicPituitaryAdrenal Axis (HPA Axis), Which Is Responsible For Letting Go Of Your Stress Hormone Cortisol. If You Are Continuously Throwing Off Your Adrenals With Candy/Sugar You Will Never Calm Down. You Can Further Sustain The Feelings Of Anxiety. Did You Know That Your Stomach And Brain Has Been Connected Together From The Beginning? While In The Womb These Two Organs Develop From The Same Exact Fetal Tissue And Continue Their Connection Your Entire Life Through The Gut- Brain Axis And Vagus Nerve.

What Sugar Does To Anxiety/Mental Health.

When Your Body Runs Low On Energy, It Demands To Be Refueled With High High Energy (Raw Sugar Foods) That Can Be Quickly Transformed To Blood Sugar (Which The Body Uses For Fuel). This Is Exactly Why When We Are Excessively Stressed Or Anxious, You Crave Raw Sugar Foods Such As Sugar Sweets, Chocolate, And Real High Carbs. When Your Body’s Broadly Stress Increases So Can The Demand For Craving Sugar, Sweets, Chocolate, Junk Food And Raw Sugar Foods. Sugars Have Been Revealed To Amplifty The Symptoms Of Anxiety. Yes, I Know Right Chocolate Is So Good Who Would Of Known?! Now Sugar Or Candy Whichever You Want To Call It Doesn’t Cause Anxiety Or Depression Or Any Other Mental Illness But It Does Worsen Them. So Cutting Down On Candy Is A Must If You Have A Mental Illness. Sugar Can Cause Difficulty Thinking, Fatigue, And Blurry Vision Which All Can Be Clarified As Signs Of A Panic Attack By That Means Increasing Worry And Fear. A Sugar Rush And Following Crash Can Cause Tension And Shaking Which Is Why Sugar Can Make Anxiety Worse. There’s A Proven Connection Between Sugar And Anxiety. Even Though There Is A Proven Connection Between Sugar And Anxiety, Everybody’s Different. What Might Effect You May Not Effect Someone Else And Vice Versa. Down Below I Wrote Down Good Source Of Protein Foods And Some Which Help With Anxiety.

20 Foods That Can Boost Your Moods And Have Good Source of Protein, And Good For Anxiety.

1. Eggs (Yolk)

2. Greek Yogurt

3. Fish

4. Nuts.

5. Beans 19.

6. Soy

7. Lentils

8. Fruits

9. Brown Rice

10. Beef

11. Oranges

12. Lefty Greens

13. Brown Rice

14. Whole Grain Wheat Bread

15. Cashews

16. Liver

17. Omega 3 Fattys

18. Magnesium

19. Low-Glycemic Foods

20. Folate And Other B Vitamins

Changing The Way You Eat Can Be A Big Big Difference. Eating The Right Source Of Foods Can Be Good And Improving, Especially For Mental Health. Down Below I Wrote Down Some Foods And Drinks To Stay Away From. They Could Actually Be The Reason Why Your Anxiety Symptoms Are Worse And Your Mental State.

19. Foods And Drinks To Stay Away From.

1. Coffee

2. Regular Sodas (Yes Diet Too)

3. Candy (Sugar) Artificial And Refine

4. Fruit Juice

5. Toast

6. Ketchup

7. Energy Drinks

8. Alcohol

9. Donuts

10. Fried Foods

11. Biscuits

12. Hydrogenated Oil

13. Fast Foods

14. High Sodium Foods

15. Dairy Products

16. Vegetable Oils

17. Omega 6 Fatty Acids

18. Gluten Foods

19. Trans Fat

Some Of These Foods May Not Affect Everybody The Same Or Maybe They Don’t But Some Studies Do Show That Sugar Can In Fact Make Anxiety And Depression Symptoms Worse. Also, Talk With Your Physician, Nutritionist, Or Psychiatrist Before Deciding To Change Your Diet. It’s Always Good To Discuss Things First With Your Doctor. I Also Have The Resources That Does Show That Sugar In Fact Reduce Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression. As Well As Some Foods.




Also, Before Switching Your Diet Do Talk To Your Doctor Before Doing The Switch.

I Have Talked To My Doctor About My Diet. We Came Up With A Conclusion For My Diet. He To Believes Changing My Diet Will Also Help My Depression And Anxiety More. “You Are What You Eat,” Is A True Fact.

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Hello Beautiful People, My Name Is Jackie. I Am 32yrs Old And I Have A 9yrs Old Son. Who I Love So Much!!! His Name Is Jayden. I Also Love To Write, Take Pictures,And Help Others. I Struggle With Major Depression And Anxiety On A Daily Basis But I Try Not To Let It Stop Me. God Got Me!!! I Will Keep Fighting And Keep Pushing.

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