6 Successful Strategies That’ll Help Distract Feelings of Anxiety And Depression.

When you’re feeling down, stressed, and anxious, do you try to fix the way you feel? When you’re feeling emotional or awful, do you try to figure out what’s wrong with you? Umm, unfortunately this kind of thinking really increases our negative feelings, but there’s something you can do about it. It’s called distraction. No, not the kind of distraction like if you were reading. The kind that helps your improve mood. If you’re not making use of distraction, than you’re really missing out on a simple and effective strategy too improve your mood.

Six Types Of Distraction

I have found a good way of dividing Distraction into 6 Categories. I found this way very useful but you might come up with other ways to group them. Either or doesn’t matter. Down Below are each examples in each category but there are many others that I don’t have listed. Use this list as a starting not an ending point.

Mindfulness, stress-reduction

1.) Meditation, visualization diaphragmatic breathing.

2.) Mentally tasks to engage in

Crosswords, Scrabble, angry birds, and my all time favorite candy crush. 🙂

3.) Social activities- Meeting

With friends, visiting family, spending time with kids, meet with a friend at a cafe or somewhere to eat lunch, with friends and family on the park and talk.

4.) Patterned activities- home

Cleaning, mopping, running errands, home improvement, or working on home improvement, home chores.

5.) Entertainment/hobbies/free time

Listening to music, dancing, writing, reading, painting, drawing, coloring, motivational books, journaling, gardening.

6.) physical activities

Walking, running, bike riding, lifting weights, push ups, sit ups, squats, jumping jack.

What is Distraction?

Distraction can mean not paying attention but I’m referring to a technique that can help you to stop overthinking On negative things. Distraction is a way to take your mind off of unpleasant feelings, upsetting images ( like mentally replaying a horrible argument with someone).

Distraction is a positive plan, like listening to uplifting/motivational music, taking a nice warm bath, or exercising. But some way to forget about the Your Emotions Can be harmful, like drinking alcohol, spending a lot of money, and over eating. This could make you feel even worse. So no I’m not saying forgetting about your emotions is necessary good by itself.

Thinking about your feelings.

Thinking about your feelings can be helpful but sometimes not. At Times It Can make you feel even worse. Sitting just dwelling on a situation or emotions. When we are in a bad mood, we sometimes have trouble thinking or creatively about our problems. Me, when I’m angry and trying to fix something I usually make the problem worse. It’s not different at all when trying to fix ourselves. There’s so many ways to distract yourself. Write down a list of your favorite strategies and try it when Feeling depressed,or stressed. This distraction is to help when you Feeling Down, overthinking, Feeling Hopeless, helpless, anxious, and thinking about how depressed you. Like running is a form of exercise. A stress reduction. It just depends on how the word ‘distraction’ is used. Distraction can be just for 10 mins or until you have calmed down. I Hope this is helpful. If so like, comment, and share.

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