9 Things Mental Illness Has Taught Me About Life.

At Times when we face different challenges, it’s hard to believe that good or favorable things will actually come out of those times of darkness, but there really is. In life, the most important lessons are in the places you’ll never think to look. Down below, are 9 things my mental illness has taught me about life.

1.) An Legitimate Life Is A Good Life.

Living with a mental illness has taught me the power of legitimacy. An legitimate life is a good life. Hiding the truth from others, is impossible to be pleased. Just breathe, be honest about who you are. Being honest about who you are, not worrying about the opinion of others, is a motive for happiness. Be yourself, because pretending to be someone your not does not prevent pain, it actually intensifies it.

2.) Our Mistakes And Our Struggles Improves Us.

I was about 16 or 17yrs old when I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. At the time, I really thought my life was over. I thought my life was really ruined. I thought it would ruin my life. But those experiences, is what has improved me, it has actually made me the woman that I am today. The struggles and the mistakes we make, is what made us today. It’s our struggles and mistakes, both present and past, that improves us.

3.) Smiles Can Most Definitely Be Deceiving.

You can’t believe that someone is really happy from on the outside appearance. One year, awhile back in my school days, I was suppose to read a poem for black history month, I was so happy about it at first, than the symptoms of depression began to come up. I felt so separate from myself. The depression became very exhausting, but I still smiled through the pain. Me, living with a mental illness, has taught me that Smiles can most definitely be deceiving and that happiness can easily be mocked up by those struggling.

4.) Normal? There Is No Such Thing As Normal.

Normal? What is normal? The way one person clarifies “normal” might be different others. Some people think those who choose to be honest are crazy, while others believe those people who live according by the rules are fruitcakes. That’s why labels are only for delivery boxes, jars, and handbags, not people. (humans) ok? Ok.

5.) The Definition Of Real Friendships. (Real Friendships!)

Living with a mental illness, people start showing their true colors, and unhappily, you start to see a lot of them prove themselves as undependable/unreliable. But thankfully, thank God, there is a silver lining. We learn the real meaning of friendships. Friends who are there whether we are laughing, crying, or being goofy. Real friends add to your life, even when your at your lowest, even when you feel like giving up. . Do not take these friends for granted.

What’s a silver lining?

Every cloud has a silver lining” it means every tough time or difficulty that causes pain, also contains a potentiality for a generous result. By seeking for any positive things (positive effects) of any problems or even a misleading circumstance, we begin to feel better, we can begin to feel more internal peace in reply to how how things stand, therefore getting back our ability to solve it if we can, or just accept it if we can’t.

6.) It Is Okay To Not Be Okay.

Almost everyday, I have to constantly remind myself , that it is okay to not be okay. Pain we endure in life is truly hard, and absolutely nothing is wrong with asking or reaching out for help when you need it. There’s no gender for depression. Depression doesn’t has no gender, race, or face.

7.) Making Plans In Life, There Is No Such Thing.

Our lives are supposed to be mapped out perfectly and we’re expected to follow a timeline right? Honestly, that kind of mindset will only set yourself up for disappointment. I had plans to go to college, and graduate in 4yrs, had plans to be doing what I love, which is being journalists, I had plans to be in my big dream house. I am 31yrs old now, and I can tell you that my life did not end up like I actually had planned, and I’m kind of grateful it didn’t. Going to a mental clinic and being diagnosed with major depression and anxiety was not on one of my list of plans to do, despite that it taught me that there is no such thing as making plans in life. Sometimes, our dreams change and so does our outlook on life. Make goals and not plans and let your experiences guide you.

8.) Being Considerate Can Save Lives.

Just about every 40 seconds there’s someone who’s committed suicide, somewhere around the world. If someone would have acted considerate and kindly, they could’ve helped get many of the individuals away from the edge. You don’t understand the impact of a action, kind, and considerate word. Being considerate and kind save lives, and caring for/about others only increases our character of life.

9.) Our Beauty Is Found In What Makes Us Different.

I’ve been taught different things living with a mental illness. I’ve also been taught that what makes you different gives you feeling. If someone told you they have a perfect life, they’re lying. There is no such thing as a perfect life, mind, or body trust me. It took me along time, to realize the power of embracing my depression and anxiety mind, that part of me that was suppose to make me feel poor, I saw that beauty is found in what makes us different, and everybody is different in their own little way.

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