10 Things People With Depression Need To Constantly Do

Don’t allow your depression to limit you from living, don’t allow yourself to be limited by your depression.

Depression makes you feel so hopeless.

I understand what it feels like to be depressed, i’ve been in that place and i know it too good. I work real hard to stay from that place, because i do still struggle sometimes, but i’m getting much better, day by day. I will keep it that way, and also i do find that doing this is very helpful. Here are 10 things that will uplift you. I know, you might think you won’t have the energy to even do them, but trust me, you can do it. I did, i thought that it wouldn’t help none. Guess what? That was a lie! It was very astonishing. It’s as easy as baking some cookies.

1.) Don’t just lay down all day in bed. Get yourself up and out of that bed.

Don’t just lay in bed all day, and sleep.

All you’re doing is, laying in bed all day, letting those negative thoughts collect energy. Get up out of that bed, and move around the house. Get out and around some. Once you start moving, your structure of character reference will change, believe me. If you have a trustworthy friend, or a loved one, make a lunch date. Get out and enjoy your day.

2.) Before doing anything in the morning, grab your phone or lab-top, and read or watch something funny.

Nowadays, there’s so many different apps that come up with so many jokes, or jokes a day, or even some websites that shows you the funniest videos. The point is to surf the web until you laugh, and laugh out loud. As soon as you laugh, than you can get your day up and started.

3.) If you have supporters/someone next to you, you are a very blessed person.

Having someone, or supporters, family members, or friends, shows you are a blessed person.

Struggling with depression, you find yourself lonely, and no one to talk to. There’s some people that find it hard to live with someone who’s depressed, the arguments and fallouts can be complicated sometimes. Your job is to connect-with your appreciation to the ones that loves you. That’s all. While doing that, this will also make you appreciate yourself more.

4.) Make sure you eat healthy.

Many people live on a diet that’s fast or frozen food, but it’s not really nurturing or healthy, honestly. Cooking yourself a nice meal everyday may seem discouraging, but self-nurturing is still nurturing. If you don’t cook, at least order you something good and healthy to eat. When you start eating healthy everyday, in time you will look forward to it. Good eating, and eating healthy, is the best thing to make happen.

5.) Keep yourself clean, get clean.

Get cleaned up

Bathing daily is very healthy, matter of fact, bathing wakes you up, and you always feel better after. When you suffer from depression, a basic thing such as keeping clean is very complicated to do. Especially, if your depression is severe, but now you know that taking a bath makes you feel good, it’s important, and it’s healthy.

6.) Communicate with others.

Having someone to talk to can lift your spirit up.

Depression can cause you to stay away from other people, or avoid them. Honestly, having someone to talk to, even if it’s someone you know casually, saying “Hey.” “How are you?” will not only lift their spirit, but your spirit as well. Real conversations, and sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone, and them doing the same, can really do even more.

7.) Learning about meditation is really great source.

Take some time to learn about meditation.

You know what? I thought meditation wouldn’t work for me, and you might think that meditation isn’t for you, but do some research on meditation and give it a try. Meditation actually trains the brain to perform constant focus, and to reappear to that focus when emotions, physical feelings, and the negative thoughts invade. Us that struggle with depression, know that those thoughts happen very often, especially when you are stressed out, and anxious as well.

8.) When depressed, money worries are very frequent. Find ways to save up or make money.

Whatever you do, make sure you save your money.

Managing your money is very much healthy for you. Money and mental health is frequently connected. Worrying about money can actually make your mental health worse. Poor mental health can make managing money even harder. You might see this dress you been wanting, So you go ahead and buy it, knowing you’ll probably never wear it, when you could’ve just saved that money. You probably lost your job, you could be in debt, and you could be dealing with unemployment benefits, and that can make you feel stressed and anxious. Money problems can affect relationships, including your social life, which can have an pounding affect on your mental health. Save! Save! Save as much as you can.

9.) Prepare and organize your day.

Gather your plans first thing.

Some days can be so slow at work and you feel you have no energy to work anyways. (so you think) It can be so simple: Get up out the bed, write your blog, eat something, or simply do some house chores. Just knowing, that you will go round the frequent responsibilities of living can actually make you feel good, wishing dishes, folding clothes, or even running errands, you won’t have no time to feel or think about those negative thoughts or negative feelings.

10.) Don’t obtain any interests in depression thoughts.

Don’t give in to those thoughts or emotions.

Negative thoughts can turn into beliefs and can be very frequent, that can lead into you feeling stuck. Many of us, that struggle with depression understand what and know what it feels to often feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. When you’re depressed, you don’t feel like doing nothing at all, you feel worthless, you feel nothing but guilt, and you just stay inside all day everyday. Letting your depression allow you to be limited in life; anything, such as hobbies you once loved. You don’t have to be limited. Depression is a mental illness, that doesn’t have to clarify who you are. Depression is a illness not some sort of disease. Yes, it takes time to fight this, but fight it. You got this.

Depression is horrible, and honestly i hate to be that place any longer. You shouldn’t either, there’s ways to fight it. It takes a lot of work but believe me, it is very much worth the effort. I found these to be very helpful, and so will you.

3 thoughts on “10 Things People With Depression Need To Constantly Do

  1. Thanks Jackie, I myself am suffering from depression. Thanks for writing this article, I found it helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, you mind sharing it for me? Don’t give up! You got this

      Liked by 1 person

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