Maia Campbell From The 1994 Sitcom “In The House” And “Seventeen Again” Where Is She Now?

The most prettiest face that was on tv. Beautiful hair, beautiful smile, and beautiful skin. I use to watch the shows and movies just because she’s in it. Maia was deemed one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry. But unfortunately, things went downhill for her.

Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell(born November 26, 1976) is an American film, television actress and also model. She’s best known for her role playing Tiffany Warren in the sitcom In The House for five seasons. (1995-1998) Along with LL cool J, Debbie Allen, Jeffery Wood.

In The House 1994

I’m sure everyone remembers her from television.

Maia was the beauty of the tv show. With that beautiful hair, her beautiful healthy skin, and her beautiful smile that shined so brightly, I thought she was the prettiest girl on tv. I Grew up watching her on the shows In The House, Seventeen Again, and Trippin. She was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the category best performance in 1996.

She’s also known for her role as Shante, Lucky’s cousin, in the movie Poetic Justice. 1993

Poetic Justice

Maia Campbell is from Takoma Park, Maryland. She is the only daughter of author Bebe Moore Campbell and Tiko Campbell, an architect and author from Washington D.C. She was raised in the Ladera Heights section of Los Angeles. Maia Campbell went to college in Atlanta Georgia, Spelman. She was the only child, and was raised in the Ladera Heights section of Los Angeles. Maia went to college in Atlanta Georgia, Spelman.

One of her mother’s books is called 72 Hour Hold, it’s about a mother(Keri) struggling with her daughter’s mental illness(bipolar disorder) and her trials of getting treatment through a woefully poor mental health care system. Her mother learns that a seventy-two hour hold is the only help you can get when an adult child starts to spiral out of control. Maia was diagnosed with bipolar disorder right after being on In The House.

One book by Maia Campbell Mother, Bebe Moore Campbell. 72 Hour Hold

Campbell’s mother Elizabeth Bebe Moore Campbell Gordon was also penned for Essence in the 70s– she wrote four New York Times’ bestsellers and was a mental health advocate. Bebe Campbell was also a founding member of National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

Shortly after leaving the show In The House, Maia Campbell had given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth Gutierrez, in the year 2000. She was married to Elias Gutierrez in 1998. But the relationship just didn’t work for them and they ended up getting a divorce in 2002. She lost the custody over her daughter due to her health condition, and not taking her medication.

Maia Campbell and her baby girl Elizabeth in 2000

Maia Campbell’s mother(Bebe Campbell) passed away on November 27, 2006 and Maia’s life fell apart! Her mother died from brain cancer to be exact, and after that, that’s when Maia’s life fell right off track.

(Left) Bebe Moore Campbell And Maia Campbell (Right)

Everything spiraled out of control for her. Campbell revealed some years later that her mother’s death hit her hard, although they were mentioned to be estranged when she passed. This beautiful actress has had many rocky roads. Everything seemed to be falling apart for Maia especially after she refused to take her medications, and stopped her treatment. She has even been arrested over the years.

Maia was arrested for drug possession, prostitution, and disorderly conduct.

Maia Campbell’s mugshot

LL Cool J’s ex co-star Maia Campbell has been arrested for causing a drunken scene at a Waffle House. Maia Campbell should have just ordered in. She got busted at the restaurant in 2015. Cops got called to the restaurant for the former “In The Housestar was allegedly wasted to the max, and causing a scene. Officers did give her a chance to leave on her own, but she refused— and then left in handcuffs… and she was booked with disorderly conduct.

Not to long after that Campbell was arrested in Atlanta for going off in a Burger King. She cussed out a family member, accusing their child of stealing her wallet, and called the arresting officer a “fu**ing fa**ot!” It was said Maia denied using foul words, and claimed to only speak the “King’s language”- – which is either some strange BK dialect or maybe she even meant the Queen’s English. Not sure.

Maia Campbell was arrested 2015

Maia Campbell’s arrests had many people talking, and wondering what could have caused her to fall so low? What caused her life to go down the hole? She just clearly disappeared from the tv shows, and so much more. Her daughter!

But not taking care of yourself, and not taking your medications what do you expect to happen? It surely won’t be anything good. Maia Campbell we are all praying for you!

Unlike most people dealing with addiction and mental illness, Maia Campbell’s struggles was out in the opening for everyone to see. Her struggles has always been front and center. As a child of a lauded author, getting her first role at age 16, the actor dealt with her issues in the most public stages.

Sadly, while she should have been embraced and helped, most have consumed her pain for fame. Or should I say for fodder— enabled by phone cameras, social media and ignorance.

What Maia is going through isn’t a joke, it’s not funny at all. She should not be all over the internet like that. She is sick and she is lost, people should not be recording her or taking pictures of her, she’s somebody’s daughter and someone’s mother. Putting her in the spotlight to get a little fame, or recognition just shows you are in fact sick for recording it in the beginning!

I bet if it was your family member you wouldn’t like it. If that was your mother I’m sure you wouldn’t be recording it like this. Making fun of someone who’s sick, just remember karma’s a b$%$#!! Just plain ignorance. Mental illnesses are serious, and she’s dealing with a bipolar disorder, and it’s severe!

Maia Campbell, I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this but I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with getting, or needing help. Bipolar disorder is very serious. Without getting the help that you need your life is history, and it doesn’t have to be like this. There’s plenty help for it, it’s just up to you whether you want the help.

You’re still a beautiful famous actress, mistakes happen and nobody’s perfect. I can only imagine the heartache you have because of your mother, do what you got to do to show your mother that you love her. All she ever wanted was you to get help, and take your medicine to get better. She’s looking down on you, you have a beautiful angel watching over you, as well as your daughter too. She needs you.

If you won’t do it for your mother, baby, do it for your daughter! She needs her mother, every child needs their mother. A mother’s love is all your daughter wants. She wants her mother to get well, so that you could be there for her.

Maia and her daughter Elizabeth

Ain’t nothing like having your mother around. Just imagine the heartache your daughter is feeling, just as you’re feeling about the loss of your mother. You have a beautiful beautiful daughter, ain’t nothing like having your mother. Maia baby girl I’m praying for you. I’m praying God strengthens you to pull through this. I’m praying to God that you go and get the help that you need and stick to it. Do it for Elizabeth! She would be so proud. I would be so proud of you! We would all be proud of you.

Growing up you was one of my favorite actresses. I thought you was the most prettiest girl in the world, on tv, and you are still a beautiful person inside and out. Do it for your daughter, pull through this, and push harder.

Actress Maia Campbell
Actress Maia Campbell and her daughter Elizabeth

Bipolar disorder disorder is a condition that affects the brain in a way that can cause severe mood swings that conflict in length. People with bipolar disorder can go from mania(the “highs”)—feeling blissful or revved up and irritable— to depression (the “lows”)— feeling down or hopeless. These highs and lows are called “episodes.”

Bipolar disorder is sometimes referred to as manic depression. There is no cure, but for many many people, the symptoms can be controlled with treatment. Some people may experience mood swings that are less severe than a full manic episode, known as hypomania. It just depends.

Maia Campbell, the most important thing I want you to know is that you are not alone!! Don’t worry about what others say, there’s many other people that traveled the path to a diagnosis and it started with talking to their doctor, or counselor. Get the help that you need so that you can start to heal, Maia. Talk to someone. We all fall short sometimes, and we all have ups and downs, but you pick yourself up again and try again! We have all needed some help in life, we’re all human.

Nowadays people are so quick to pass judgment, so quick to try and get a little fame, they see you struggling but it’s funny! Recording you, taking pictures of you during your struggle, and putting it all over the internet so that people can talk about you.

This is Maia Campbell (left) and an Atlanta rapper named T Hood(right) at a gas station in Georgia. He was actually there recording her on live!

A Atlanta rapper named T Hood, recorded Maia Campbell at a gas station in Georgia, it’s obvious she wasn’t in her right mind at all. She’s just in a bra and underwear. In the video that he’s recording he tells her to pump his gas, and you can hear her asking to buy drugs.

Atlanta rapper records Maia Campbell begging for drugs

Why do her like that?! She had some teeth missing in the video, and she mentioned being raped with a condom and that it wasn’t human. Horrible! Maia also struggled with substance abuse. This is so sad that Maia Campbell is going through this difficult time. And the people around her just want a little shine. LL Cool J saw the video surfing all over the internet, the video had over 20 million views.

LL Cool J sees the video, and his response was…

LL Cool J is right though!!

Why are people so quick to pull out their phones and record people down and out? Someone who once was a celebrity at that. LL Cool J also asked his fans to help him locate Campbell to get her the help that she needs, because Campbell’s struggle with substance abuse had been a tumultuous one. She has relapsed in the past, and she’s also maintained sobriety.

The rapper from Atlanta who recorded her said he is not sorry or concerned with the actress well-being while attempting to push a narrative of race and denouncing her battle with bipolar disorder. His words were…

Y’all n****s would not be mad if I posted a white girl,” he said in an Instagram video by way of Straight From The A. “If I would have ran into muthaf***king Hillary Duff/ Lizzy McGuire and she was asking for crack and [was] sucking d**k at the gas station for money for crack, I would have posted her, too.”

Just because she was a black actress from back in the day, who we already all know from Redan. She been on the block for years. We been knew this b***h. She been doing dumb sh*t. Went in the industry got geek up f**ked all in the streets, n***as sent her back to Atlanta and she got geeked up some more. This ain’t no mental disorder this b***h is just high as f**k.”

Atlanta rapper says he’s not sorry

Wow!! Atl rapper went off! He talked some smack but not to long afterwards he apologized about it!!

Atlanta rapper’s apology

Maia Campbell also responds back to LL Cool J. She said she doesn’t need any help, just a benefit concert for mental health.

What sense did it make to record her like that anyways? What did recording her prove? Maia Campbell is a mother, she has a daughter!

LL Cool J tried reaching out to her, and a few days later Maia responds in a video.

Maia Campbell rejects LL Cool J’s help

She’s saying she don’t need the help but she really does! Those pictures don’t even look like her.

It’s really true that you can’t help a person who doesn’t want to help themselves! You can’t help a person that doesn’t want to be helped.

It’s so hurtful, and I don’t even know her personally. All I know is Maia Campbell has had it hard! A beautiful woman, a beautiful actress, and all people are worried about is backlash, and putting you out here like you’re trash!

Even though it’s been many years ago, I hope that Maia Campbell is okay. I pray that she does decide to get the help that she needs especially for her illness. Her daughter is in my prayers also, I know it’s hard for her as well, she needs her mother. I’m not sure who’s her guardian, but I pray that she’s okay and in a safe place. I pray that God wraps his arms around her and let her know that everything will be okay, and to keep praying for her mother, and praying that she gets the help that she needs, because without it, her illness will proceed.

Also, in 2016 we were all excitedly provided with an update on Maia’s progress. It seemed as if her life was back on track as she joined the season two cast of From The Bottom Up. Maia was featured on the Centric TV reality series to highlight her fight to regain control of her life and to mend fences with her estranged daughter. On the show it, it was clear that Maia was indenial of her struggles and at one point she was missing.

In effort to locate her, actress Chrystale Wilson contacted Maia’s Godmother to find out if she was okay. Maia’s Godmother revealed that she was in fact in a safe place, but she still was experiencing problems. One of the reasons why Maia was still experiencing some challenges, according to her Godmother, was her inability to admit that she needed help.

Extra news on Maia Campbell….

Maia Campbell did make an appearance on the tv show Iyanla “Fix My Life,” in 2012.

Through the years, Maia has struggled with addiction and was publicly humiliated, when all those shocking videos of her hit the internet. She struggled with a crystal meth addiction and allowed herself to be used by men to feed her drug habit. Fans(including me) were left shocked after videos of the actress went viral on the internet, showing campbell looking disheveled and strung out. You really wouldn’t believe it’s her.

Maia Campbell and Iyanla
Iyanla(left) and Maia Campbell(right)

Relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant headed to Los Angeles, to work with Maia to reestablish a trusting relationship with her family and gives her the tools to become a better mother to her than, 11-year-old daughter. Who is now around age 18. Iyanla also works with Maia to help her with her unresolved guilt for all the pain she caused her mother and grandmother— which is holding her back and keeping her from moving forward with her life. It was difficult to watch as viewers learned that she was confined to an assisted living facility. When speaking, she seemed to have a child-like demeanor and it seemed like her problems were beyond what Iyanla could fix.’

Maia on Iyanla “Fix My Life”

Some people looked at Maia as just another out of control celebrity, when actually it’s more deeper than that, there was a deeper medical condition that led to her self-medicating with street drugs from the beginning. Until Maia can admit she needs help, problems like this will continue.

Let’s all not prey on her but pray for Maia Campbell!! Pray that she go and gets the help that she needs, and I pray that she can one day admit that she needs the help.

It’s diificult to see such a beautiful, talented woman, with so much potential take a downward spiral to this level. We all should keep her uplifted in prayer and positive energy.

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