Mental Health: Don’t Worry About What Others Say About Your Mental Illness

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You’re not to blame for your mental illness, neither are you to blame, for the thoughts and feelings that comes right along with it. It’s not your fault, it’s a medical result. Something you don’t want but truly and honestly, you gets no choice… it’s remorseless. It also affects your behavior, and concentration, making it difficult to do the simplest things.

When it comes to mental illness… people say the darnedest things!! With no kind of understanding.

Mental illness is sometimes debilitating, embarrassing, and really really misunderstood. Many people just don’t understand. What’s the most insensitive thing someone’s said to you about your mental illness??

I’ve heard things like “I had depression and I got over mine.” Really?! Yes! How harsh is that right? I’ve also heard, “it’s time for you to grow up now,” or “maybe you need a hobby,” wow right? I’m serious. I’m telling you the truth. It’s devastating. That was horrible to say to someone with a mental illness.

But no matter what, don’t let such ignorance get to you. People need to think before speaking because, you never know what someone is going through. Sometimes you don’t have to say nothing. Your presence could be enough. Imagine a friend comes to see you in the hospital, don’t know why but, when you tell him/her they reply, “At least it’s not cancer,” enough for you to slap them (lol) just kidding, just a little humor…. but yeah it makes you angry because mental illness is just as serious as other physical illnesses. You can to die from mental illness just like you can die from a physical condition.

Everyone is “fighting a battle you know nothing about.” So try to be kind… you won’t die from being kind. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover is indeed a very true saying.

But to be honest think about it… in order to be able to talk openness when it comes down to talking about mental illness, then we have to be realistic and accept that people will say the wrong thing sometimes, just being honest. It could be your aunt, a celebrity On social media, a family member, or a friend, putting their mouth in it. It could be lack understanding, or maybe it’s a slip of the tongue, or some cases it could be spiteful. Whatever the reason may be, you got to be certain it’ll happen.

How we react to the nonsense, the insensitive comments matters too. We can react in anger, taking our annoyance to social media, condemning and ridiculing the commenter. The big risk is that instead of changing the conversation about mental illness, we shut it down altogether. Next time mental illness comes up in subject, that person may try to avoid it altogether, quickly changing the subject, increasing the stigma those of us with mental illness may feel.

It’s really really hard. It’s really hard because it’s never just about that one comment. Our reaction is a culmination of all the all the negative,insensitive, comments that have gone before, the unkind looks, the rejection and lost friendships. A lot of us have been so badly hurt by other people’s reactions to our conditions in the past. And that hurt makes us quick to be on the defensive when we feel threatened, firing many shots over the walls that we have put up.

Even though all this… it’s clear what we’re looking from those around us is much more compassion and understanding. We want to leave in a world, we want a world where having depression is no more stigmatized than a visible illness. But don’t we need to be protesting that same compassion and understanding to that person who has made that hurtful insensitive comment?

Maybe their words could be an indication of problems and issues going on in their lives that they’re not able to deal with just yet. Or maybe what they said was a slip of the tongue, it could be, they didn’t realize how their comment sounded. It could be the first time they’ve discussed mental illness, so maybe they have no idea what someone with mental illness “looks” like. The same way it feels like to be you, you don’t know what’s going on with them. May they’re thinking of that parent who was too ill to look after them, or that friend they loss to suicide. You just never know.

Instead of reacting in anger, just try to stay calm. If you have the opportunity, you can continue the discussion… bringing our own experiences and also wisdom into the face. You can give them a chance to clear up any misunderstandings, or a change to even explain their opinion. Still don’t agree?? It’s okay if you still don’t agree— everyone looks at the world differently. But it’s possible that the discussion you’ve had will have given more insight to both sides. And in fact, as a result, their next discussion on mental illness could be different.

At times, people are going to say the wrong thing. And we have no control over what they may say. Instead, we have a chance to direct where the conversation goes from there on. Hopefully, with more education and compassion, we’ll be able to build a stigma-free environment, and future, for those struggling with mental illness.

If you, or maybe someone you know… struggling with mental illness, get treatment. Mental illnesses can be treated. There’s no reason to be ashamed about, this can happen to anybody. It don’t matter the age, or gender, everyone is vulnerable to any of these illnesses. No one can start or stop it from happening, no one chooses this, they’re all serious just as other physical illnesses such as… diabetes, sickle cell, and cancer. But just like people get treated for sickle cell, you can be treated for your mental health. Mental health matters, your mental health matters.

Down below, are some great resources for mental health. If you’re struggling with your mental health… please check them out. There is help, there are treatments, support groups, therapy, and counselors, ready to actually listen, ready to help you get back on your feet. You can beat this! Keep fighting! You are not alone, and remember… it’s okay. You got this!

Use these resources to find help, and treatment for yourself, or maybe even a friend. Whether it’s for mental illness, substance abuse, or physical violence, there is help. Resources.

National Institute Of Mental Health, Mental Health Resources

If you are someone you know has a mental illness, is struggling emotionally, or have many concerns about their mental health, there’s many ways to get help. Whether it’s help for you, a family member, or a friend… use these resources for help, there’s always help. And we all need help at sometime in our lives.

Mental Health Resources, Mental Health First Aid

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health, or substance abuse problem, there’s several resources available to find more information or connection to help. Mental Health First Aid… Check the resources out. Don’t give up, you got this.

Mental Health Resources For Adolescents and Young Adults

The Mental Health Resources For Adolescents And Young Adults are online resources aimed specifically at adolescents and young adults. Health care professionals, health care providers can offer these additional resources or print the pdf one-page reference sheet to adolescents and young adults looking for information, including online resources, support groups, helplines, treatment located, advocacy opportunities, and peer networks.

Mental Health Help, #1 Online Counseling Website

Sometimes, we all need a little counseling, a little coaching to push even harder. Get matched to the right counselor, whether it’s teenage counseling, individual counseling, or couple counseling, there’s help for all of them. Whether it’s for mental health, or self there is help.

There’s many more resources…. these are just some to start you off with, you know? Like a positive push from me, to you, to that start, to getting the help, the treatment, and counseling, you need. Great resources that’ll help lead you, and guide you, to a healthy “mental health,” living. Receiving the help that you need, and receiving the treatments you need, and being determined to beat this anyway possible…. is in fact, the best thing, the healthiest thing… you could do for “you,” and for your mental health.

Be determined, stay focus, never lose hope, and remember that you are phenomenal. You are strong. Everyday, take some time to learn more ways, new ways to help cope, pray daily, and remember… it’s okay, and it will all be okay. Take it day-by-day, step by step, never lose focus, and always remember… you are not alone. — Face Depression

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