Mental Health: Looks Can Most Definitely Be Deceiving… Don’t Believe It

A person can have everything they could ever imagine. Their life is so perfect, and you never hear anything negative about them. They could be living in a 3 story house, beautiful kids, and a wife/husband.

That husband could be facing unexplainable emotions and feelings. He’s probably ashamed because he’s the man of the house, and men are suppose to be strong. Right?!

A person could be the happiest wife, prettiest wife….

With a big paying job… and on the inside, when that person is by themselves…

Guess what?! At night that person could be struggling with depression, and/or anxiety attacks. That person might be fighting for their life on the inside.

When that person is by themself, and home alone… they probably just sit crying inside. You never know what a person is going through. You never know what type of demons a person could be fighting on a daily basis. You don’t know what type of emotions or/and feelings this person face everyday. They feel like they’re dying on the inside. Thoughts and emotions rushing through your mind, feeling hopeless, feeling like nothing is even worth it. You’re just so unhappy. But you pretend well because you don’t know who to trust… or who to tell.

One of the donating factors to the stigma of mental illness is that it’s often not readily visible. Whether you want to believe it or not… we’re a society that likes to ‘see it to believe it’ when was the very last time you’ve heard “but she doesn’t LOOK sick”? Or maybe the converse “she looks SO depressed”. Not just for mental illness either. We won’t admit it though—- but how often do we weigh in on whether or not a co-worker is really sick enough to miss work, or how they shouldn’t have came to work because they was sick. Think about it.

The other day I heard someone say, “she don’t look like she has cancer” really?! People like to be in charge, wanting to know more than the next person. Liking to be on top on your game huh?! Ugh. Sometimes we do that.

Have you ever look at someone and was like “wow! They’ve really got it all together?

I hate to say it to you, but they probably don’t. That’s the trick to mental illness, it’s often suffered in silence. That woman who has that perfect make-up and astonishing outfit, might be suffering. That guy with that expensive watch and outfit on, might be suffering. That famous actor that has a million dollar house, and million dollar cars, might be suffering. That guy in the business suit, with a million dollar paying job… also suffering.

What about the mom with 5 kids at the park? Suffering. Mental health disorders does not discriminate. On the outside, you’re rich, happy, poor, out of shape, young, old, etc. If you’re alive and breathing it’s a chance you may find yourself suffering from a disorder. One out of four.

A person can be a ray of sunshine to be around, a great personality, and could be suffering deep down inside. Quietly. Yes… life can look like rainbows and beautiful butterflies to everyone on the outside looking in.

Looks Lie!!

No one has more right or claim than anyone else to suffer from the medical condition like depression, or any other mental illness. It just occurs. Depression just occurs. Like asthma or cancer. There are people that are predisposed by genes or environment but at the end of the day… things just happen! Everyone knows about the medical disorders but we tend to think differently about mental illness.

Also, the opposite is true… no one has less claim than the other person when it comes to what diseases they get lumped with.Depression is not choosing to be sad. Depression is not a choice, just like grief and sorrow are not choices.

The outside world… they see totally different. They see how nice a person is, how beautiful a person is, how rich a person is, plus more… they’re on the outside looking in. To them, everything/everyday is great, you’re happy, so everyone on the outside looking in… they don’t see a problem.

They don’t see you when you’re irritated, agitated, or just crying constantly. They don’t see the days when you can hardly get out bed. They don’t see you when it’s hard to get up and brush your hair and take your bath. They don’t see you when you feel like giving up, or when you feel like why am I here?!

My struggle with major depression almost took over my life. But eventually I got back on the right track. A lot of people had a hard time believing that I suffered with major depression, depression period. They act like it was a crime to be depressed. I had no reason to be depressed, or I don’t look depressed… yeah all the crazy sounding stuff. Ugh! Most people don’t get it. They can’t because to them it makes no sense. They only hear my (your) justifications. They don’t understand depression. People don’t feel the damage I feel. Regardless… that don’t give people the right to laugh at me, or anyone else, for our excuses.

I think most people judge me from the outside because I can pretend so well. I could be crushed on the inside and still manage to smile… to hide the hurt, pain, and guilt. Things could be going terribly wrong… but I just smile, talk, and laugh out loud, and deep inside I feel so lost.

I didn’t realize it was a deeper issue here… I don’t think others understand that either. A person struggling with depression can fake laugh for hours, with nobody realizing. But deep down inside, they’re fighting. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, is a very true saying, because you never know what a person might be facing.

So… if you have that friend that’s always happy and smiling, their life is rich and looks exciting… but when that person is all alone, they’re constantly crying. Fighting they’re minds not knowing how to explain the pain, thoughts, and the damage that they feel inside.

Check on your family, friends, or associates… whomever, make sure they’re really okay okay.

No matter what I go through, no matter what I face and how hard it is to face it, no matter how bad of a day I’m having… I’m not giving up! I’m going to keep fighting!

You keep fighting! Never give up! Things can get better. Get the help and the treatment you need… you don’t have to suffer alone. You are not alone!!! Keep pushing and keep fighting!


8 thoughts on “Mental Health: Looks Can Most Definitely Be Deceiving… Don’t Believe It

  1. This is very true & very important for us to consider. I recently read a book that described how we can be so quick to judge, despite how we don’t always appear the way we are expected to look when terrible things happen…

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    1. Correct!!! 🥰👏✊ we can be so quick to judge, right. But we don’t know what a person is fighting on the inside.

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  2. A great post. Honest and poignant, I struggle with complex PTSD, and because of that I dip into phases of anxiety and/ or depression.
    You’re right, never give up and seek help – no one should suffer alone. I have a great therapist and a group of people who understand the trials of trying to stay on track.
    I love the blog, keep up the good work. 😊💕

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    1. Thanks so much and thanks for reading 🥰🥰🙌🏾 yes therapy helps all a lot. Being around others who understands exactly what you’re experiencing is the best to be around. Don’t give up! I won’t either! We got this! ❤️✊🏾

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  3. You just can’t tell! I’ve seen many patients who, on the outside look and appear great, happy even. But when you actually ask and listen to their ‘story’ it’s often heartbreaking. And yes, they’ve been told by some nurses “You look great today. You must be feeling better!” They don’t even bother to ask “How are you feeling? What’s happening for you right now? What thoughts are you having?” I despair at some professionals.

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    1. Right!! You are so right! You just can’t tell.

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  4. So true that we often can’t tell what a person is going through just by looking at them. People can have depression and still be functional and still put on a front of being okay as part of protecting themselves from stigma and judgement.

    In my work with refugees, I try to listen, spend time with them, and build trust. Only when they trust me will they confide in me.

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