Mental Health: Get The Help And Treatment You Need… You Can Beat This!!

Depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are just some severe mental illnesses. All of them can be severe. Different emotions and feelings, and your thoughts are constantly racing. Dark emotions and feelings, and you feel like every thought is actually real. Feeling guilty and worthless everyday. Feeling like life just isn’t for you, you isolate yourself from everything and everyone, because you feel like no one understands you or what you’re going through. Or maybe…. you’re feeling like you’re alone, feeling like nothing nothing or no one can help you…

But that’s not true…

You are not alone. I have suffered from major depression and anxiety for so many years. More than 8 years. And I have suffered by myself and also I didn’t get treatment quick either, I suffered alone for along time… and I promise you it just gets worse and worse. It’s HELL. Everyday is a repeated nightmare. Get help.

There’s treatments that’ll help you. Don’t sit there thinking things a get better by themselves because it won’t! Trust me. You can beat this, and you can start off by seeking help and receiving treatment. You’ll thank me later… I promise you. You don’t have to be in despair everyday because there’s therapy, and counseling as well. Always remember you are not alone. Mental illnesses isn’t something you can run from or be prepared for… it just happens.

Anybody’s a victim. It just comes without a warning, and if you haven’t experienced it… you’re very lucky! Very blessed. I don’t wish mental illness on no one, you hear me?! It’s like you’re not the old you. Sometimes you feel like “what’s wrong with you?” Or you say to yourself “you need another brain!” Sometimes it feels like you’re going insane!

What I’m saying is please seek counseling, therapy, seek the help that you need and treatment. You can beat this. You will beat this. You don’t have to feel guilty everyday, there is medications that’ll help you. Those symptoms you feel can be healed. You don’t have to suffer on your own. And understand it won’t get better as time goes on, it won’t go away on it’s own.

Recovering from mental illness includes not only getting better, but achieving a full and satisfying life. There’s many people affirming that their journey to recovery has not been a straight, steady road. Whether there’s ups and downs, new discoveries and setbacks. Over time, it’s possible to look back and see, despite the hesitating progress and discouragements, how far we have really come.

Each time we reach such a milestone, we see that we have recovered a piece of our lives and we draw new strength from it. The journey to a full recovery really does take time, but positive changes can happen along the way. Great things take time. 🙂

The main step in the journey to a full and great recovery begins with your decision that your life must improve. Having a mental illness can affect your life in many ways:

  • Our daily normal activities suffer
  • Intimate relationships can be profoundly affected
  • Friendships may be lost
  • We might lose our job and our financial security

The pain and the heartache of mental illness, mixed with such losses, can be very overwhelming. Though at some point, we find the determination to stop just surviving, and start gaining back our life, step by step, and piece by piece. That’s when recovery begins. Early in the recovery process, treatment might focus on finding the right diagnosis and relieving the most severe symptoms.

It’s very important to realize at this early stage that it is essential to find support from people who understand what you’re going through. Friends, family, maybe your faith community, self-help groups, and community organizations can all be of help. As time passes by… you might find yourself in another stage of recovery.

Your illness becomes a lot more manageable. Many things can contribute to the improvements: an accurate diagnosis, effective medications, supportive talking therapy, and your own knowledge of your illness and how to live with it. You can and you will beat this! All it takes is to seek help and receive treatment.

At one time, it was once thought that this plateau of stability was as far as people with mental illness could go. Maintaining stability was the goal of treatment. But today… we all understand that much more is actually possible. You can expect to return to an active life based on your abilities, preferences, and based on your desires.

Being told that you have a mental illness is not the end of your life, it’s not the end of the world. Seriously. With help and strong support, you can recover and accomplish life’s ambitions. Of course… you will face many challenges as you begin your treatment, but there is hope. Hope that you will get better, hope that you will beat this, etc.

Mental illnesses are manageable. And there’s a number of many things you can do for yourself after a diagnosis to cope with the diagnose, keep up with your treatment, and support your own recovery.

Nowadays, the understanding of mental illness is much better today, than it was in the past. It is now known that there are different illnesses that require different approaches to treatment. New medications and new types of therapy improve the chance of a very successful treatment. We also have learned a lot about how people recover and lead full lives.

It’s very important to realize that you are not alone. Mental illnesses are very common, affecting one in five Americans. Many people with mental illness, including well known celebrities, are leading very successful lives. You can gain hope by connecting with others who understands your condition. From them you’ll gain insight, experience acceptance, and get invaluable support.

Hope can come from our own inner desire to regain health and live. It can also come from the assurances of people who actually care about us or from the examples of those who have lived through the exact same experiences. The more active you are in understanding our condition, taking responsibility for our own care, and reaching out for help, the more chances we have of making gains that give us greater reason to hope.

Hope is what’s within us. Hope is what keeps us going. Hold on to that hope. Find that hope. Because there is hope and you can get better.

If you’re struggling with depression, or any other mental illness, you or maybe someone you know…. there is help. There is treatments that help. There is hope and ways to cope with your condition. You are not alone. Mental illness is very common, and you’re not the only person struggling. Don’t be stubborn. Get help. Receive treatment.

I was once stubborn, until I realized my situation was much more deeper, and had gotten even worse. You might think it’ll get better or go away on it’s own but…. you’re wrong. It won’t get better until you can understand, realize, and admit, that you need help, and treatment in order to beat this. You have to be determined to beat this and do everything you have to do, in order to beat this. There’s no need to feel ashamed, or to feel embarrassed about it. You have no reason to be. You didn’t ask for this and we don’t don’t choose this, it’s something that just happens… it comes upon you with no type of warning. Just like cancer, sometimes.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they receive treatment for it. Right away. They have to take medications to help with symptoms, just like you should for your mental health also. What’s the difference?! None. Your mental health matters just like your physical health. Simple.

Receive the treatment and the help that you need. You can beat this! Mental illnesses are manageable, they’re treatable. Regain your control… regain hope for your life. Fight!

Don’t ever give up! Keep fighting and keep pushing. You got this! We got this! Mental health matters. Your mental health matters. Face it, fight it, and stay focus. And always remember… it’s okay not to be okay, we’re all humans, we all have some sort of obstacle that we face. But we won’t give up, we going to push harder. Tell that major depression, you’re not having it! Tell that bipolar disorder, you’re not giving in. Tell those negative thoughts, you’re better than that!

You got this! We got this! Keep fighting! And don’t never… ever give up!

Below I have some resources. If you’re suffering with depression or any other mental illness, click the links below, and seek the help and treatment you need. There’s counseling, therapy, and medications for your mental health condition. There’s support groups with people who’ve experienced the exact same experiences, and symptoms as you do. You don’t have to face mental health challenges alone. Because you are not alone.

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