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Update! New Blog Post Coming In A Few Minutes…

Next Up!!

Good evening everyone!!!

I know you all have been waiting on this post…. and guess what?! It’s coming up in just a few minutes. Hang tight.


I did a few changes to the title, but that’s it. I changed it to “A Guide To Understanding Mental Illnesses” instead. I think that’s much better for the title.

So… your (the) wait is just about over. I’m just finishing up, and adding a few more very IMPORTANT and the more INFORMATIVE things about mental illnesses to my post. Than…. I’ll proofread it and click publish after I’m finished.

This is a very important topic/guide/post and I have to make sure I leave nothing important out, and that everything is correct before I post it.

For the past few days… I’ve been busy. Some appointments I had, and than caring for my hair. Having Major depression and anxiety, caring for my hair wasn’t a option, it was very hard. My hair fell out, it was so long and thick at one point, pass my shoulders, ugh… I ended up having to do the big CUT! I couldn’t get mad, because it was all my fault. Ugh.

Since than, which was about 2 years ago, I’ve been taking care of my hair. Washing my hair every Friday, and Monday through Thursday, I make sure to keep my hair moisturized and combed. I’ve learned some great home remedies for hair growth! And they really do work! No joke!

So… if you’re having problems from hair loss, because of depression, or maybe any other health condition, let me know in the comments, and I’ll do a post to help you with hair loss. I’ll do a post with great home remedies, and techniques, that actually help with hair growth. And actually works! Why?! Because I’ve tried them myself!


Did you know rice water grows your hair fast? Did you know extra virgin olive oil can be used as a moisturizer, as well as good for your health? I’ve been studying a lot, and I’ve learned so much on hair growth, and what home remedies actually work. Techniques that’ll have you like… wow! How didn’t I know that?! So… like I said if you’re interested in learning yourself, about hair loss, and how to promote hair growth, just let me know. I’m here for you!

Okay now, back to the actual subject… to all my beautiful followers, stay tuned you guys!! The post you’ve all been waiting for is almost done. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. Remember…. don’t give up! You are not alone!

Remember to keep fighting, keep pushing, you can beat this! Mental illnesses are serious, but treatable. Seek treatment. You got this! We got this!


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