Why I Blog On Mental Illness/Mental Health Disorders? Read To Find Out Exactly Why

Mental illnesses often, well always, goes without any understanding, most people actually believe it’s all a fake, like it’s all in everyone’s mind. Especially if the illnesses aren’t visible. Which is so unfair to those who’s actually suffering.

It’s sad that people actually think all mental illnesses can/should be seen. And believing that it can’t or won’t happen to them. Those beliefs… makes me sick! It can happen to anybody, no matter your lifestyle, your skin color, or your age, mental illnesses don’t discriminate towards no one.

Many people feel that mental illness is rare, something that only happens to people with life differences, situations, very different from their own. Believing it will never affect them. There’s studies of the epidemiology of mental illness indicate that this belief is very far from accurate.

I blog on mental illnesses because they are very real. It can happen to anyone, it doesn’t have to just be because of a person’s life differences, or situations. But it can most definitely happen. No matter how old you are or what color you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or boy, man or woman.

Now on the other hand…. sometimes mental health problems can happen from certain life situations. But not all the time. I blog because I know how it feels to feel extreme sadness, dark emotions, and always feeling guilty. Those heartless feelings. Feelings that have you feeling guilty for just thinking them.

I’m here to tell those who don’t believe in mental illnesses… do some research, it’s real. Mental illnesses are so real. It’s just the same/just as important as a physical illness. Stop with the negative stigma about mental illnesses if you’ve never ever experienced one or more of mental illnesses. How can you judge something that you’ve never had to lug around day and night? Something that can really be severe to fight. It affects how a person think, feel, or mood. It also affects how you behave, and function. What’s so hard about understanding, and excepting that?

Those beliefs and those negative comments on mental illnesses is very discriminating and very selfish. Especially to those who don’t understand it or who have never experienced any of the conditions. The negative comments, the negative stigma towards mental illnesses makes me so furious!!

I blog on mental illnesses because The darkness of depression, bipolar, and panic attacks are so real, the pain and heartache, the emotions as well as feelings, can be severe. Symptoms of mental illnesses can be life threatening, so tell me… how it’s not real?! To those who say “it’s all in our minds.” We wish it was all in our minds!

Who wants to feel depressed, sad, guilty, or catch panic attacks or anxiety attacks for the hell of it? That’s just crazy! Now that’s insane to even think that! Just plain ridiculous.

That’s why I’m here…. to spread awareness, and to let others know that it is okay if you have a mental health disorder. You have no reason to be ashamed about it, and you have no reason to hide it.

If not taken care of, like getting treatment, mental illnesses can take over your life. Depression (major depression), bipolar disorder, ptsd, and ocd can be treated. Just like all other mental illnesses. Just like physical Illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Mental illnesses are the exact same way, when a person is diagnosed with cancer, they have to get treatment and take their medications, it’s the same thing with your mental health. It’s okay if you have to take medications all your life, your mental health matters. Don’t let depression or any other mental illness take over your life. The plan is to fight back and regain your life.

Getting treatment, asking for help, and by taking your medicine how it’s prescribed to you, and also keeping up with your appointments… and last but not least…, going to therapy. That is the first best step to fighting back and wanting to regain, and reclaim your life back, and also on the road to recovery.

I said all that to say this… I will keep blogging on mental health because it’s always been looked over by people in general, our society, as well as the United States. As if it doesn’t exist. Majority of us who deal with a mental health disorder/disorders, actually wish it really didn’t exist. Or should I say we wish it didn’t exist in our lives. Or exist period, because no one should have to experience such darkness.

Not to mention… The excessive worrying, excessive crying, excessive sadness, excessive guilt, excessive thoughts, excessive feelings, excessive emotions, loss of appetite, not sleeping, loss of energy, excessive mood changes, excessive anxiety, and last but not least… excessive feelings of shame, and/or embarrassment.

Mental illnesses doesn’t discriminate, so don’t THINK for one second you’re to good for it, or to well to experience it. Don’t think you’re free of it, because you never know, mental illness can creep up on you, without any type of warning.

I’m a witness…. It happened to me, and it can happen at any time in your life. No matter your gender, age, or life circumstances.

I blog to increase awareness, understanding, and to share my experiences. Also, to provide comfort and support to others. To let everyone know who has a mental illness/mental health disorder/disorders that they’re not alone, that I understand it all because I’ve experienced the darkness, anxiety, excessive sadness and worrying, excessive crying, excessive thoughts, emotions, mood changes… I understand it all, and I have experienced it all.

To those who’ve never experienced a mental illness/mental health disorder, stop with the negative comments, negative stigma towards mental illnesses, and people who struggle with it… stop saying it’s all in our (their) minds because it’s not. Is cancer all in your mind? Is diabetes all in your mind? Just making an example… your physical health is important right? Okay, and your mental health is just as important. Simple.

If people would sit down and take time to learn and educate themselves on mental illnesses, maybe they’ll understand it much clearer.

We can’t make them understand, it’s up to them to want to understand. Or maybe if they’re family member, or maybe a friend, has a mental illness and they’re trying to find out different ways to help those with a mental illness, that’s one way they’ll learn. Also, the internet has a lot of different resources for mental health, and the different illnesses, so really there’s no excuse for people to say they’ve never heard of it.


Mental illnesses are real, and I’m here to tell you that it can get to a point where it’s severe. Sometimes depression can get so severe, it can get so bad, until it gets to a point where it’s crippling. Sometimes, it can be hard to just brush your hair. Sometimes it’s hard to even get in the tub. Crippling. Mental illnesses can get extremely worst if not treated. I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in this. There’s so many people struggling, and most struggling and feeling alone. But you’re not alone, and please don’t think it’ll get better on it’s own… because it won’t. Believe me. It won’t.

I want others to know…. it’s okay. You’re not alone, you’re not the only person facing these remorseless battles everyday. You’re not the only person facing these different mood changes or not wanting to eat any food on a daily. You’re not the only person that feels excluded, on a regular. You’re not the only person that over thinks too much, you can’t help that your mind wanders a little more than others.

I’ve experienced it all, and that’s why I can tell you all to make sure you take care of your mental health, don’t worry about all the negativity about mental illnesses, because all those negative thoughts and comments about mental illnesses is just plain ignorance. How can you judge something you’ve never gone through?! How can you say something isn’t real, or something’s not true, if it’s never happened to you?! How?

Take it from me, MENTAL ILLNESSES ARE VERY IMPORTANT!! And if not taken care of properly, not taking your medications, not seeing a doctor… it can end up deadly, or you can be locked up in jail. Just being very real honest, some mental illnesses can be severely serious.

Me blogging about mental illnesses… I hope and pray that I help someone, anybody, or everybody (just a joke lol) to understand the seriousness of most mental illnesses, and/or their mental health period. It’s all just as important as the other, your physical health and your mental health. Two most important things. I just wish people would understand that. Understand that your mental health is equal to your physical health, meaning they’re both most important in your lives.

Thanks everyone for reading!! Thanks for all the likes and followers I’ve been receiving. So happy!!! I will keep blogging on mental illness, my experiences, and how me getting treatment has been a big blessing for me. It really helps when you get treatment. It’s okay if you have to take medicines on a regular. Your mental health matters, keep fighting things will get better. Don’t give up you guys!!! Keep fighting!!! Keep pushing!!!

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