Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Hello everyone!! Good evening, I’m screaming HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃🍁🍽 TO YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILY. I hope each and every one of you have a very blessed Thanksgiving. Sending you wishes for Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for??

I’m thankful that God woke me and my son, and family up this morning, and letting us all see another Thanksgiving holiday. Someone didn’t wake up to see another holiday, so for me, I’m very thankful. Also, I’m thankful for my son, Jayden, my life wouldn’t be life without him. I love him so dearly. He’s my miracle baby boy, he’ll be 10 December 18, and I’ll be 32 December 14. He was almost born on my birthday, lol, but they stopped my contractions because it was a little early. But he still came on the 18th, feet first and only 2 pounds. And I had no epidural. Ladies… you know the hell that came without an epidural shot right?! Yes! That pain was so powerful, lol, but I’m very thankful, and it was very well worth it. Painful but worth it.

Jayden had to stay in the nicu for at least 6 weeks, that was so depressing for me. Having your baby and knowing he’s not coming home with you is very stressful, it’s hard, I couldn’t focus, I had so many emotions, calling the nicu everyday just to check on him, to at least try to go on with my day. I called at least 9 times a day. Lol. But he was my miracle baby, and he made it. I loss a daughter maybe like 7 years before Jayden, and that took a HUGE toll on me. I went 7 months pregnant with my daughter, didn’t know I had preclampsia, face would swell and my feet, one day I went to the hospital, didn’t know I was in labor… but because my doctor didn’t practice there, they wouldn’t see me. I could’ve died also, my daughter was stillborn. She would be about 14 years old.

To make all very long story short, I didn’t get any justice… I filed a lawsuit and once they heard… the hospital had to throw out evidence/the tape showing I did go to the hospital, to be denied by this new nurse. I was heartbroken. So you see… this is why I’m so thankful for my son, having him helped me to push on. He gave me strength to fight, and understand my daughter is in a better place, and that I have a beautiful angel watching over her mommie and her little brother. But I still dealt with major depression and anxiety.

Through the years I got through it, but I’ll never forget it. That was a traumatic experience for me. It took me years to cope with it. But through it all I am still here!! I’m here for a reason, and I have my son who loves his mother dearly, and he needs me. So that is why I’m so overprotective with my son, and that’s also why I’m very thankful for God choosing me to be his mother, and I’m thankful for him being my son.

Me And My Son Jayden
He Was Eating On This Picture LOL

I’m also thankful for my mother, she’s the best mother ever!! The sweetest mother. Also I’m thankful for my best friend Adrianna, we call her Shay. She’s a real true friend, been knowing each other for 25 years and she never turned her back on me. She’s loyal, and also very caring! She understands me, don’t judge me, and she’s always been there for me, and my son. She’s the best best friend ever! I wouldn’t change on her for nothing or nobody in this world! I’m very much thankful for her.

I’m also thankful for you guys!! Yes, all of my followers. 🙂 Everyone that takes time out of their day to read my posts. The sweet comments also. So once again HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each and everyone of my followers!! And if you’re not feeling up to it today, it’s okay, just remember you’re somebody and you’re strong. Be thankful that you’re breathing, alive and well. Don’t let anyone steal your joy.

Oh yeah… you guys I’ve been working on my next up post on the brain and mental illness, it won’t be much longer. With Jayden out of school for the Thanksgiving hoilday, I’ve been keeping up with him lol. He’s like the energizer bunny. But I’ll be done soon so stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

  1. Wow! May your beautiful little daughter Rest In Peace! May God continue to bless you and your adorable son! Hope you enjoyed thanksgiving! ❤️

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    1. 🥰🥰🥰 thank you so much charli ❤️❤️🥰🥰 hope you also enjoyed your Thanksgiving. 🥰😍😘😘😘

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      1. Awww!! You’re welcome! And Thankyou! I definitely did enjoy thanksgiving day! 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕

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      2. You’re very welcome and that’s great you enjoyed, I know my son and I enjoyed also 🥰🥰🥰

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      3. Awww! That’s awesome! I glad you Teo enjoyed the day!! Hope Christmas and New Years will be just as wonderful! 😁

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      4. 🥰🥰🥰 thanks. I hope you and your family enjoy also.

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