Mental Health: How To Keep Pushing When You Feel Like Giving Up

No matter how victorious you might be in business and life, success doesn’t give you impunity and humanness. To be honest, we all have our bad days, especially days where you don’t want to get out of bed. What happens when we feel so low, what happen when we feel our purpose, what do we do when we feel like giving up, whether it’s a relationship or employment? Also, what if this feelings and emotions last weeks, months, or even years?

Some days are light but motivating. Some days are purely procedures. And some days you may think to yourself “ugh, I give up.” You just feel like giving up on everything, i everyday tasks.

Remember that saying what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger? Well sometimes it doesn’t always make you stronger. Sometimes it’s really hard in life, sometimes life is way more than you can carry. Stress just piling up, one stress to another. Stress piling up when you haven’t gotten over the first blow. It be blow after blow sometimes.

You’re hobbling on, but each day gets harder and harder. It’s harder to tend to your commitments, harder to care about anything or anyone, including you, and it’s even harder to get out of the bed almost every day. Ideas don’t even come to mind, new ideas, making just about everything feeling like you’re just floating through antidote. This only adds to your sense of failure.

You really want it to end, most times your spirit threatens you to shatter under an immense load of bad events, thoughts, or feelings. Not to mention, holidays are often the hardest time, as you’re trying to cope with really high expectations that far exceeds the resources that’s actually available. High-quality images of people and their lives that doesn’t match your reality. It’s very very painful.

The atmosphere is very dark, and your strength is gone, so what’s there to do? What can you do? like right now? Perhaps all your brain wants unconsciousness, yet your body solely knows one thing. When broken, even at the extremities of suffering and pain, your body still strives through. When aiding your body can actually help your mind.

Very often we as people neglect our physical health when we feel low. Caught up in mental and emotional battles. If you really think about it, our physical needs is really another burden to carry, so we kind of ignore them. Honestly, we have to acknowledge the battles and set them aside for now, rather than being consumed by feeling and thinking. All we have to do is, something practical, but it’s to help ourselves. For example, you need to focus on survival, yes it’s strange but it’s true. Our minds rest easier in a body that is usefully occupied.

When you keep yourself occupied constantly, you’ll find peace than your body and mind can be at ease. Our minds can rest much easier and function correctly, in a body that keeps active. “Face Depression”

You need both your mind and body to work together in order to feel better.

I’ve experienced those days before, that’s why I know how to deal with those day when they come approach. We’re all humans, we all have some some days and some bad days. But we have to do what’s right/what’s best for our mind and our body.

I’ve came up with some ways/somethings you can do when you feel like giving up. Check it out…. give it a try. Let’s not stay sad let’s get happy

Here are some ways, some steps to help you feel better:

1.) Take a shower.

Get fresh and cleaned up, brush your teeth. Make up your bed, tidy everything up. (This will help give you the achievement early in the morning.) Having a bad day sucks, but you’ll have a nice, tidy comfy bed to come back to. Clean yourself up, do any chores you have to do.

2.) Get dressed.

Wake up everyday get dressed in some fresh clothes. If you want my opinion, the weather has been kind of cool lately so I would wear something comfy, something soft, according to the temperature outside. Make sure to put on some warm comfy socks if you think it’s to cold.

3.) Learn to be uncomfortable.

We’re all are always facing problems and obstacles, that honestly, we all must overcome. Which is all apart of the journey. For example, if we can accept that things will sometimes get tough and it won’t always be peaches and cream, honestly, you’ll get yourself stronger/better prepared to what obstacles, hurdles, may come. Revise and reanalyze your goals when you feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end situation, we must all learn to breathe.

4.) Accept/admit challenges.

Everyday won’t be easy. Oh yes, there’s going to be tough times— but we all already know this. Feeling like you want to give up because it’s entirely to tough, which it shouldn’t be a surprise, because we all know the journey wouldn’t be full of rainbows and plenty gold. Admit your challenges (we all have to) and accept them, while learning what you can and power on!!

5.) Go Outside.

Breathe some fresh, turn to the sun, you can stand in the grass and connect. If it’s super cold outside, you can even open up a window in your home for a few minutes. You know… our bodies need oxygen and sunlight.

6.) Drink Water.

Cold or temperature water, or water with lemon, tea, hot chocolate, whatever you choose. Whatever appeals you. Then, make sure to drink plenty more of water regularly throughout your drink. Because mild dehydration causes fatigue and irritability. So… make sure to drink plenty of water through the day, it’s very important.

7.) Eat.

Make sure to eat, it can be something easy such as cereal, a sandwich, or yogurt. Even fruits. Not eating, missing means… can cause many problems of low sugar, which in turn may and can lead to symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, or even the shakes. Make sure to eat often and little.

8.) Don’t sweat the tiny things.

With all honesty… we have to remember that “life” happens— and it will continue. You can’t just worry, or get upset about everything that may happen. It’s all apart of life. We all go through things, rich, poor, black or white, we all face trials and tribulations. Honestly. Everything you need is on the inside of you. In order to make your life better, just honestly speaking this.

9.) Make sure to surround yourself around positive people.

Surrounding yourself around positive people is the best thing for you, It’ll help energize your activity in a great way. It’ll help you to continue on positive path and on the path of success. Trust me, because positivity is very contagious. It’ll inspire you to keep pushing, to keep going even when you feel like giving up. Being around positive people is so healthy for you in so many ways. Being around positive people will actually bring life to your goals, and your very way of living. Not only will those amazing people inspire you, but they’ll also help you see that there’s others who genuinely believe/trust in you. And with that being said, it’ll help you understand/realize how valuable you actually are.

Usually positive people inspire others to a point that they complete their goals in life.

10.) Realize your strength.

Understand/realize your strength in any or every situation. Not realizing your own strength and power, in many situations, people have the tendency to give up. If you haven’t been told today or any day, I’m here to tell you: YOU ARE ASTONISHING AND YOU ARE AWESOME!!! YOU ARE STRONG!!!

Strength comes from within. Exploit into your strength on those exact days you feel like giving up. We all have to understand that there will be some tough times, but just because of that, that doesn’t mean to give up.

Fight those negative feelings

We all have good days and we all have bad days, it’s all apart of life. We all face hard times and tough times, but we must strive through. Keep going and move forward. Like I said in the paragraph up above, being around positive people is a great start. A positive one, and also the best thing you could do for you, and for your life. We must not give up even when things get tough. Distract those negative thoughts, listen to your favorite music, read your favorite book, or even journaling. I heard journaling is good therapy.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or you feel like giving up, and tired, than it’s so easy to lose perspective on things you’ve actually already accomplished so far. Things you’ve learned, the strides you’ve gotten done, and the obstacles that you’ve overcome. When you feel like giving up, stop, and give yourself a little pep talk. If you have to… give yourself a little break.

Give yourself some time to feel better and regain confidence. I promise you… doing something positive helps a lot, everything I’ve mentioned in the paragraphs above helps out a whole lot. Trust me. Realize and understand that you can do this, understand that sometimes it’s going to be difficult, but that’s still not a reason to give up. And don’t give up so easily. Fight back!

You got this! Surrounding yourself around positive people…. you’ll be surprised when you notice that you’re receiving nothing but positive results. Being around positive is also good for your well-being. Do you catch anxiety attacks, panic attacks, or have depression? Well, being around positive people, or even people who understands what you’re going through, is the best feeling. It makes you realize and understand that you’re not alone.

You can open up to them without any judgement. Make sure you trust them though, you know? You can’t just open up to someone/or people in general, and trusting them with your very private secrets/your dark secrets at that. Make sure that they’re loyal, trustworthy and a honest person. Nowadays, it seems like you can’t trust a soul… Not even with just a glass of water, because soon as mad day comes… everything, every secret you trusted them with, is all of a sudden being told to the whole world! Just speaking in general, just be careful and don’t trust just anyone.

And also…..

Make sure when you feel like giving, when you feel like all hope is gone, know that this will pass on. Choose to be positive, and stay motivated.

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