Hello everyone, I know I’m a little late but…..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

I’m sending hugs to you all… and I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Especially the kids. They look forward to Christmas. I know mine enjoyed his Christmas, with his birthday just 7 days before Christmas he really enjoyed.

That’s just some… lol. There’s plenty more. Jayden really enjoyed his Christmas, which mean I enjoyed mine because seeing him smiling, happy, and thankful for everything made my day.

I also teach my son that it’s not about the gifts for Christmas, but it’s when Christ was born. To remember the birth of Christ (or Jesus) I teach him that without him none of us would be. It’s about being thankful, thankful for Christ, family, friends, and love… gifts are fine but it’s not the actual, or the only meaning of Christmas.

I’m sending hugs, love, and blessings to you and your families… and Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, as well as family and friends. I know mine did. It’s almost the end of the year, and most times at the end of the year and most of the beginning, we seem to start losing many (people). But I pray my family and friends live to see another new year… I pray that everyone be safe. I pray everyone lives to see 2020!!!

New year and new beginnings for each and everyone of us!!!

During the holidays you have to be extremely safe and very cautious. Holiday times for most people is celebrating and drinking. Not to mention drinking and driving, which is dangerous for all of us. If you’re drinking please do not drive, you’re not only putting your life at risk but you’re also putting others life at risk. So do us all a favor and not drive knowing you’ve been drinking or plan to drink.

So this is why I say to be safe. Holiday times can sometimes turn out to be a R.I.P Holiday. (Rest In Peace) I don’t wish that on no ones family, so let’s all think, and play it safe.

I hope everyone of my followers enjoy the rest of their day today, and also enjoy the holidays. Enjoy! And don’t you let no one or nothing steal your holiday joy.

Muah guys!

Sorry for the late post… I meant to post this yesterday. But better late than never.

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Hello Beautiful People, My Name Is Jackie. I Am 31yrs Old And I Have A 10yr Old Son. Who I Love So Much!!! His Name Is Jayden. I Also Love To Write, Take Pictures,And Help Others. I Struggle With Major Depression And Anxiety On A Daily Basis But I Try Not To Let It Stop Me. God Got Me!!! I Will Keep Fighting And Keep Pushing.

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