Face Depression… “When Depression Comes Knocking On Your Door”

Sometimes we get to where we just don’t feel like doing nothing. We feel all these emotions like riding on a rollercoaster, feeling lost and sometimes it feels like you just can’t control it. Experiencing different mood swings, and some people feel like you’re over exaggerating. Not knowing what you’re feeling or dealing with.

But those are the people you shouldn’t surround yourself with. It’s simple. Negativity isn’t the key on your journey to healing or coping. Dismiss yourself from all that ignorance.

Below is a poem I wrote….. about depression.

When Depression Comes Knocking On Your DoorPoem by me: Face Depression

Depression is real, depression is a rain of tears, and when depression comes and when time passes by, it becomes all of our biggest fear. Depression is like a sad and very tragic film, that makes our tears freely flow and flow. It’s a sad film that makes us all cry at night, wondering will we ever when win this fight, not knowing why we cry so much at night, and can’t understand this plight.

Depression is a friend I would like my family to really know but they say “just let it go!” Depression is like a rope tied so tight around your wrist that we don’t know if it still exists.

Depression is like a bad nightmare that stops you from sleeping up all night and your mind just keep overthinking. Depression is the voice that keeps ringing in our heads depression is just like having a scary monster hiding underneath your bed.

Depression is a ghost that haunts you whether you want it to or not everyday is a scary sight. Depression makes you feel like you’re already dead scared to even enter the next day. Depression is like a bullet through your heart it kills you everyday leaving you very distraught.

It is a victorious and very painful word that’s forever being said. Depression…. depression isn’t a very kind visitor. Depression isn’t gold from a chest. So, if and when depression knocks on your door please don’t answer it if you’re not ready for the expedition.

Depression want to make you feel as if you’re all alone until you get to the point to where you just don’t know anymore.

This is the truth about depression, really all mental illnesses. It’s very painful and scary but you can beat it just keep praying, and believing that this to shall pass. Also, make sure to take your medications and get therapy/counseling because things can and does get better. We mustn’t give up even when times get rough.

Do not be ashamed because none of us can help it. We didn’t choose this, nor did we ask for this. But we all will get this!! You are not alone, never give up, keep pushing through, and know that God and I love you. Muah.

5 thoughts on “Face Depression… “When Depression Comes Knocking On Your Door”

  1. Yes, I’ve been battling clinical depression since 2011.

    And negative people definitely make it worse.

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    1. Right no negativity. Negative people are bad energy, ignorant. And yes I’ve been battling depression for about 20 years. But we got this 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯🥰🥰

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  2. Your words are great cos they explain the reality of depression 🙂 Caz x

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