Everyone Thinks They Know What Depression Feels Like

Everyone talks as if they know what depression feels like. Mostly the ones who have never even gone through it, or never had to fight it but talk so easily about it

Everyone feels like depression is something you can just get over quickly when it’s really not that easy

Saying things like “get over it” or “snap out of it” as if you lost a game and upset you didn’t win, when in reality you’re hoping and praying that you’ll get through this and finally be yourself again

Everyone talks as if they just know depression, not understanding that it’s like riding a rollercoaster that keeps going and going full of thoughts and emotions, feeling like you’ve totally lost control of it

Depression is that shadow that sticks to you even when you’re happy and in that bright place until you’re embracing it and wouldn’t let you go

Depression is when you’re smiling and laughing but no matter how hard you try you still feel empty inside

Depression is like having a war with your own mind, driving you crazy but you just can’t help it

Depression makes everything seem impossible to hear, depression is just a bunch of different emotions

Making you feel as if you’re drowning everyday and you just can’t and won’t be saved

Never ending pain, never ending struggles, feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel

Everyone thinks they know what depression is, when really they don’t know how it feels

Depression is when you feel massive pain but really none of it goes away

Everyone thinks they know your pain, everyone feels as if they know what depression feels like

Some days are joyous moments and some days are horrific moments

Depression can happen at anytime in you life, everyone thinks you’re just lazy or just don’t want to get things right

Everyone feels like depression is so unreal, not knowing or understanding the pain that you feel

Everyone thinks they know just how depression feels, in reality they have no idea

Everyone needs to know that depression (or any other mental illness) isn’t a joke, this isn’t something someone would want to go through just to go through

Understand that mental illnesses come at any age, without a choice, at any given moment, and no matter your color

Depression is real and everyone needs to know it. Everyone needs to understand this, especially the ones who speak negative about it and has never had to fight it. Depression is so real it can steal/ruin everything and everyone around you. Making you feel like you’re worthless and there’s no hope for you. Everyday is like a nightmare that you’ll never wake up from.

To anyone/everyone who’s never struggled or never dealt with depression or any other mental illness, understand that we didn’t choose what we’re going through, we didn’t choose to be like this, we didn’t choose to feel like this! We didn’t choose to feel or have all these different thoughts and emotions. We didn’t choose to have all these different moods.

To all of you…. stop judging and take time to understand and educate yourself on mental illnesses. Than maybe you’ll understand it, maybe you’ll understand that it just happens, no matter your life circumstances it can happen. Understand it can happen to you, you, you, or you! Just pray it doesn’t be you that it choose.

1 thought on “Everyone Thinks They Know What Depression Feels Like

  1. The Lizard Wizard April 4, 2020 — 4:03 pm

    Really accurate post, unfortunately mental illness is something very fragile and not tangible.

    Liked by 1 person

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