On March 11, 2020. our world’s health corporation proclaimed that COVID-19 was a worldwide pandemic, designating significant worldwide spread of an epidemic disease. At that point, there were 118,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus 110 different countries.


Hello everyone I hope everyone’s Saturday went okay. I mean, with all this going on. We all are going through it right now but we will get through. Yes it has us all angry, worried, frustrated, scared and have you stressed out. And also, I hope everyone and their families stay safe and make sure to social distance, stand 6 feet apart, wash your hands, and also, make sure you wear a face mask. It is very essential to follow these guidelines, because it is for our safety, life, and health.

Situations right now are tough for us all with this COVID-19 pandemic, but we must stay focus, and make sure we’re all taking precautions, through this pandemic. I hope family, friends,workers, doctors, and nurses are safe and stay safe during this difficult time, ”COVID-19” has scorned the nation, 2020 just ain’t the same no more.

The world is going through a difficult challenge right now, the most some of us ever experienced with this COVID 19 pandemic. When this is over. many years from now, we will all remember this pandemic just as other generations before us remembered the Great Depression, or wars and serious storms that have taken place in our city. May God help us. We must keep prayig, keep safe, take safe precautions, wear our face masks, wash our hands, and stay 6 feet away from others. Let’s take care of each other, care for each other, and love each other and health. We most all understand that this virus can be deadly, love yourself, family, and friends and where our face masks.

We must all stay positive and know that we will get through this. I pray this pandemic ends soon. But until than, let’s all stay in good health. And let’s keep our friends and family safe and in good health. This coronvirus isn’t a issue that any of us should take lightly. So please continue to practice social distancing and all of the necessary movements to limit not only the likelihood that you may become infected, but also the potentiality risk that you might infect others if you have no clue you have the virus. All our world have changed before our eyes, and there’s many of people working from home, it’s really a time to get really used to technology as a way of running businesses.COVID-19 has had an huge disruption on work and workers, mostly for those who’s lost their employment, like me. But even with the ones who continue to work, there’s been some disruptions in where people work and what they do, and even how much they’ve earned. Most countries are slowly trying to ease some limitations to allow people to go back to work– in a ” new normal”, type of way, without the ability to predict if they can prevent future infections “spikes”. Not knowing what is coming, or when all this will end. This is very complicating for us all, it gets very frustrating but remember it’s all for the best. For our health and others. We’re in this together. No one is actually safe until we’re all safe.

If you all remember, China was the first country with a widespread of out break in January, and South Korea, iran and italy following in February with their on outbreaks. After that, the virus was in all coasts and over 177 countries, as of now, the United States has the highest number of confirmed cases, and sadly, the most deaths. The virus is extremely contagious and led to many deaths. I personally know someone who died from this virus. Today, in early, This is why we all need to stay inside, only go out if you really have to, but make sure to wear a face and stay 6 feet apart. I pray everyone is safe, stay safe, and remain healthy. Also, make sure to wash your hands.

Coping with stress

Pandemics can be very stressful

Covid-19 pandemic can be very stressful for most of us. Fear and anxiety about a new deadly disease and what could happen can be very overwhelming and may cause many strong emotions in adults and children. It can be very frightening. Actions such as, social distancing can make people feel isolated, and can make people can actuually increase stress and anxiety. But these are actions, and steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Stress during an this contagious, infectious disease outbreak can at times cause

  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Mental health conditions has gotten worse.
  • Chronic health problems worsen.
  • Can’t eat or appetite gone.
  • Changes in sleep patterns.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Continual fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones, or maybe your financial circumstances or job, or maybe the loss of support services you depend on.
  • increased use of alcohol, tobacco, and any other substances.

Everybody reacts to stress differently , and reacts to stressful situations differently. But there are ways that may help to reduce stress, and take care of your mental health. Ways to ease the stress…… doing activities that brings you plenty joy, while talking to the ones you trust about your different emotions. Make sure to always take breaks from watchimg tv, reading, or listening to the news stories with the constant hearing about the pandemic without any type of break can be very upsetting. Even though, it is important to stay informer, people can become even more distressed if they constantly see repeated pictures of a disaster in the media. Always take care of the connectioms between taking care of your body and your mental health. Taking deep deep breathes, stretching, and meditating can help ease some stress. Try to eat healthy, well balance diet, plenty exercise, penty sleep, and avoiding alcohol and drugs.

Now, children on the other hand, just like adults and teens they react the same way. Some may show signs of difficulty much later, and some may react right away. Signs of stress can be very different depending on the age they are, prior experiences, and how a child cope with stress. It just depends. Are are some signs/symptoms that your child may be stressed:

  • Constant worry or sadness
  • Unhealthy sleeping and eating habits
  • Poor school performances and avoiding school
  • Constant crying or irritation in younger children
  • Avoiding activities they used to enjoy
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, or any other drugs
  • Unexplainable headaches or body pains
  • Difficulty with concentrating and attention
  • “Acting out”, behaviors in teens

If you or anyone you know, know of a child or teen who may be stressed or even overwhelmed by this coronavirus (COVID-19) there are ways to comfort them, there are ways you can support them. Ways to support them:

  • Be a good role model, taking breaks, getting plenty of sleep, exercisig, and eating well. Also, remember to connect with friends and family members.
  • Trying to keep up with daily practices. If schools are closed, come up with activities fun or relaxing activities
  • Letting them know that they’re safe. Let them know that it’s alright if they feel angry or upset. Show them and explain to them how you deal with your own stress so they can also learn how to cope from you.
  • Always talk about COVID-19 with your children and the outbreak. You should share some true facts about COVID-19 and explain it in a way your child or teen can understand it.

COVID-19 isn’t only affecting us adults, it’s affecting children too. Pay attention to your children, and if they seem in distressed, be there for them. Help them to understand this too will pass and we’re going to be just fine. Teach them the steps you take to relieve your own stress, teach them how to wash their hands regularly and properly, and to always wear a face mask. But a great/positive role model.


But did you know that there’s some people who may respond more strongly to the stress. Those include:

  • Children and teens
  • Those who have a mental condition or those who have problems with substance use
  • Older people and/or with chronic diseases who’s at a higher risk for COVID-19
  • People who are helping out with COVID-19 like doctors, health care providers, and first responders

Always take deep breathes and relax and also, remember to explain the coronavirus in facts to your children. So they can understand. For us adults, let’s continue taking precautions for our family and friends and others. All the time we have we should be taking this time to do positive things, fine things to do to keep your mind from overthinking, constantly worrying about the coronavirus. Do like me, I’m focusing on my writing, doing more reading, doing some activities I actually love doing, and activities with my son.

Take this time to set goals you want to accomplish, volunteering for events, catch up on some house chores, complete a puzzle you didn’t finish, meditate, teach yourself a new language, watch those long movies you couldn’t finish before, write poems, take a run or walk around the block, call your ex to get some things off your chest, yoga, draw, write that book you was suppose to write, practice self love methods, even color in a coloring, play cards with family who live with you, listen to music, listen to relaxing sounds, write family and friends a letter, watch some oscar winning movies, knit or crochet, learn how to braid (fishtail braid or french braids) via youtube videos, learn how to cook and bake new recipes, work on your financial planning or ways to save money, apply for a new job, bring out the legos and build your house inside of your house.

See, there’s many of things to do to keep busy, and to keep your mind off of this COVID-19 pandemic. There much more you can do, especially reading your bible too. At a time like this we all need to read our bibles and pray. This is a pandemic to remember. Stay safe you guys!! I am praying for us all. Stay safe and remember this to shall pass!


  1. Praying you and your son are safe and well! God loves you! 🙂


    1. I am, my son and I. Thanks a lot and same to you. 🥰


      1. Im a woman 👩 but thank you brother?


      2. You said hope all is well and I said I am, meaning my son and I are well thank you!


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