Trapped In Depression Poem By Me, Expressive Jackie

Trapped In Depression Poem By Me, Expressive Jackie
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Trapped In Depression Poem By Me, Expressive Jackie

Feelings of depression

I had it once now it’s gone.

Just like a shoe lace it’s been undone.

Was so tight at once now so slack.

Those happy times i wish i could get back.

Sitting at home and feeling all alone.

No friends to call on i’m the only.

Feeling like a zombie on the outside, and on the inside it feels like i’m dying.

Feeling like the living dead, so many thoughts and questions flying around in my head.

So much confusion floods down, it streams, i just don’t understand why this is happening to me.

There’s so signal of anybody who wants to help, no touch of feelings or any of myself.

Where and how can i find some answers?

Why is this happening?

Who am i?

Am i a feeling?

Am i a dreamer? Or am i a dream?

How do my thoughts begin?

How do i know this will end?

Why do i act like this?

What makes me do this?

Yes i do know i overanalyze entirely to much, but that’s something i can’t help.

I can’t help the thoughts.

Just thinking, and staring into space just trying to relax, as i sit and think.

I really want to free myself from my mind, and not pretend.

I want to feel like myself, i want to feel normal again. I really wonder when will this all end.

But no matter what, i’ll keep fighting it.

Depression poem i wrote, some time ago. I decided to share it. Feel free to comment and like it.

Sometimes, just writing what you feel can help you heal.

Whatever you do, DON’T

Never give up!!!

There is help out here, and you are never alone. Yes, depression makes you feel so lonely, but you are not alone.

Getting help shows that you do care about yourself, not that you are weak, but that you care about your health. Get help! Don’t try to do it by yourself. Everybody needs help, at some point in their lives.

Feelings About The Stigma Of Mental Illnesses

Feelings About The Stigma Of Mental Illnesses
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Feelings About The Stigma Of Mental Illnesses

I hate the stigma of mental health.

Most people think that you’re faking it, like it’s all in your head, or saying you’re just lazy, or maybe even think that you’re crazy.

Why would i make all of this up? I’m not crazy. I can’t help it i can’t just make up all of these thoughts. Do you think i get up everyday wanting to be distraught? Some people are nuts.

Everyday is hard, everyday is rough, but i still push myself because i can’t, and i won’t give up. Having all these feelings, and having all these thoughts, and the people around me feels, “i just need to suck it up.”

I know right? That is messed up!

Like we all, just wake up everyday determined, to prepare all this stuff, the different thoughts, the feelings of wanting to give up, the feelings of guilt, and the feelings like everything is your fault. Major depression and anxiety, is already hard as it is, and every time i turn around people are talking negative, like mental illnesses isn’t real. Like it’s all in your head, like you can control how you feel.

Depression is nothing but darkness as it is, and family/people not believing that your really ill, not believing depression is actually real or even severe. Like i asked for all this, like i wanted this type of atmosphere. Always feeling guilty and always feeling hopeless, nobody cares and nobody ever notices. Everyday, i get on my knees and i pray. Praying and hoping, that people will understand one day.

Understand that, we’re all still humans, understand that it can even happen to you. Understand that we don’t like, and we didn’t choose, the feelings, and the emotions, mental illnesses brings us through. Understand, we’re not crazy, and we’re not insane, the only difference is, our brains just overthinks. Depression (all mental illnesses) is real, it’s definitely not fake, depression can hit you, you, you, or you any day.

Depression, and any other mental illness, can happen to anybody.

Please!! Wake up and understand.

Depression, anxiety, bipolar, panic disorder, and any other mental illness, does not discriminate. Some people think that it can’t happen to them, but believe me, it can happen to you too.

If you, or someone you know struggling with a mental illness, get help. Nothing is wrong with asking for help, i can vouch for that. I was ashamed to say i needed help, i was ashamed to say how i was feeling, i was ashamed to explain those thoughts that was in my brain, because i thought people would call me crazy, or even insane. But asking for help does not mean you’re weak or defective, depression is really an illness caused by a biochemical imbalance in the brain. You’re a very strong person because, it takes a great deal of strength to fight back, and you’re doing just that. You aren’t weak, everybody needs some kind of help, with something in some way in their lives, and everybody needs somebody, it might not be now, but as time goes by. It’s apart of life.

Do You Agree??


To my beautiful followers, i want to thank each and everyone of you, for taking time out of your day to read every blog post, and for the comments, and the likes.

Are you tired of the mental health stigma? Are you tired of being called crazy or insane? Are you tired of the negativity about mental illnesses? Are you tired of people saying it’s all in your head? Feel free to like, comment, and share. Let’s talk.

10 Things People With Depression Need To Constantly Do

Don’t allow your depression to limit you from living, don’t allow yourself to be limited by your depression.

Depression makes you feel so hopeless.

I understand what it feels like to be depressed, i’ve been in that place and i know it too good. I work real hard to stay from that place, because i do still struggle sometimes, but i’m getting much better, day by day. I will keep it that way, and also i do find that doing this is very helpful. Here are 10 things that will uplift you. I know, you might think you won’t have the energy to even do them, but trust me, you can do it. I did, i thought that it wouldn’t help none. Guess what? That was a lie! It was very astonishing. It’s as easy as baking some cookies.

1.) Don’t just lay down all day in bed. Get yourself up and out of that bed.

Don’t just lay in bed all day, and sleep.

All you’re doing is, laying in bed all day, letting those negative thoughts collect energy. Get up out of that bed, and move around the house. Get out and around some. Once you start moving, your structure of character reference will change, believe me. If you have a trustworthy friend, or a loved one, make a lunch date. Get out and enjoy your day.

2.) Before doing anything in the morning, grab your phone or lab-top, and read or watch something funny.

This is something funny lol

Nowadays, there’s so many different apps that come up with so many jokes, or jokes a day, or even some websites that shows you the funniest videos. The point is to surf the web until you laugh, and laugh out loud. As soon as you laugh, than you can get your day up and started.

3.) If you have supporters/someone next to you, you are a very blessed person.

Having someone, or supporters, family members, or friends, shows you are a blessed person.

Struggling with depression, you find yourself lonely, and no one to talk to. There’s some people that find it hard to live with someone who’s depressed, the arguments and fallouts can be complicated sometimes. Your job is to connect-with your appreciation to the ones that loves you. That’s all. While doing that, this will also make you appreciate yourself more.

4.) Make sure you eat healthy.

Eat healthy and make healthy meals. Self nurturing.

Many people live on a diet that’s fast or frozen food, but it’s not really nurturing or healthy, honestly. Cooking yourself a nice meal everyday may seem discouraging, but self-nurturing is still nurturing. If you don’t cook, at least order you something good and healthy to eat. When you start eating healthy everyday, in time you will look forward to it. Good eating, and eating healthy, is the best thing to make happen.

5.) Keep yourself clean, get clean.

Get cleaned up

Bathing daily is very healthy, matter of fact, bathing wakes you up, and you always feel better after. When you suffer from depression, a basic thing such as keeping clean is very complicated to do. Especially, if your depression is severe, but now you know that taking a bath makes you feel good, it’s important, and it’s healthy.

6.) Communicate with others.

Having someone to talk to can lift your spirit up.

Depression can cause you to stay away from other people, or avoid them. Honestly, having someone to talk to, even if it’s someone you know casually, saying “Hey.” “How are you?” will not only lift their spirit, but your spirit as well. Real conversations, and sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone, and them doing the same, can really do even more.

7.) Learning about meditation is really great source.

Take some time to learn about meditation.

You know what? I thought meditation wouldn’t work for me, and you might think that meditation isn’t for you, but do some research on meditation and give it a try. Meditation actually trains the brain to perform constant focus, and to reappear to that focus when emotions, physical feelings, and the negative thoughts invade. Us that struggle with depression, know that those thoughts happen very often, especially when you are stressed out, and anxious as well.

8.) When depressed, money worries are very frequent. Find ways to save up or make money.

Whatever you do, make sure you save your money.

Managing your money is very much healthy for you. Money and mental health is frequently connected. Worrying about money can actually make your mental health worse. Poor mental health can make managing money even harder. You might see this dress you been wanting, So you go ahead and buy it, knowing you’ll probably never wear it, when you could’ve just saved that money. You probably lost your job, you could be in debt, and you could be dealing with unemployment benefits, and that can make you feel stressed and anxious. Money problems can affect relationships, including your social life, which can have an pounding affect on your mental health. Save! Save! Save as much as you can.

9.) Prepare and organize your day.

Gather your plans first thing.

Some days can be so slow at work and you feel you have no energy to work anyways. (so you think) It can be so simple: Get up out the bed, write your blog, eat something, or simply do some house chores. Just knowing, that you will go round the frequent responsibilities of living can actually make you feel good, wishing dishes, folding clothes, or even running errands, you won’t have no time to feel or think about those negative thoughts or negative feelings.

10.) Don’t obtain any interests in depression thoughts.

Don’t give in to those thoughts or emotions.

Negative thoughts can turn into beliefs and can be very frequent, that can lead into you feeling stuck. Many of us, that struggle with depression understand what and know what it feels to often feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. When you’re depressed, you don’t feel like doing nothing at all, you feel worthless, you feel nothing but guilt, and you just stay inside all day everyday. Letting your depression allow you to be limited in life; anything, such as hobbies you once loved. You don’t have to be limited. Depression is a mental illness, that doesn’t have to clarify who you are. Depression is a illness not some sort of disease. Yes, it takes time to fight this, but fight it. You got this.

Depression is horrible, and honestly i hate to be that place any longer. You shouldn’t either, there’s ways to fight it. It takes a lot of work but believe me, it is very much worth the effort. I found these to be very helpful, and so will you.

Depression Is Not All In Your Mind It Is Real

Good evening beautiful people. It’s motivational Friday! I hope, and i pray, that all of you have a blessed day today. I pray that your day is filled with happiness. I pray that your day goes well. I’m home, i was washing clothes and folding them.

Yesterday, i wrote a few quotes and wanted to share them with all of you. I love writing poems. If you like what you are reading please leave a comment below. I appreciate all of my followers, because honestly, i didn’t think I would have any.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog/posts. Also, feel free to share them if you like them. And remember, everybody has bad days and hard times but don’t let it get you down. Smile.

Also, there’s a lot of people that believes depression is all in the mind, and they actually believe you can just ‘snap out of it’. Which us that struggle with depression know that’s not true at all.

As a matter of fact, i wish depression wasn’t really real. Don’t we all? If depression wasn’t real, we wouldn’t have to deal with being ill. But it is, and people need to except the fact that it is!

Who wants to be sad, Irritated, lonely, boring, emotional, agitated, unmotivated, and anxious all the time just for the hell of it? Like it’s some type of game. Depression ain’t no game, and if it was i would not play with it. Depression is real.

I mean, there’s a lot of people who do want attention at times, but trust me, it’s not the case, depression isn’t a game depression is real. If it wasn’t real….

All these suicides, and people still believe depression is made up, depression is not real, and it’s all in the mind. If you could just ‘snap out of it’, i’m positive that, all these suicides would not be happening. At least, not this much i’m sure.

Mental illnesses are serious, and can actually be severe. If you have a mental illness or think you may be struggling with one or know someone, it’s best to talk to someone. You can’t do it alone, you won’t just get over it it’ll just get worse. Listen to someone that knows for a fact, that it won’t go away on it’s own. You don’t have to struggle alone, there is help out there. There’s people that actually care. You are not alone. Never think so.

Stop being ashamed, and stop being silenct about it because of what others might think, what they think doesn’t matter at all. It’s all about you and your health, it’s not about them. Let’s stop the stigma together.

No matter what, don’t give up. Yes, depression gets rough, believe me, i know, but there’s different ways to help keep it in control.

Depression is not all in the mind. In fact, there’s a lot of people who don’t even know they’re struggling with depression, they just know that they’re not the same. They’re probably struggling with different feelings, and emotions and don’t even know it. Probably driving themselves crazy, because they don’t want to be considered crazy.

As some, uneducated people call us with mental illnesses. Which is definitely not true. For example, there’s a lot of people with depression, that’s very very smart, and has many degrees. So, us, that struggle with a mental illness, is not crazy at all!

People like that, you don’t need to be around. Distance yourself from the negative people, you don’t need to be around judgmental people.

If you or someone you know, is struggling with depression, or any other mental illness, get help. You are not alone, and trust me, you aren’t the only one. Get help, talk to someone, you can not do it on your own.

No matter what always remember…

Quote by me

Be blessed 🥰🥰

10 Things No One Tells You About Dealing With Depression

Depression is so much more than just sadness. It’s so much more than feeling blue. But, since depression is hardly ever talked about, people don’t realize that their struggle is way more than real.

Everybody experience being depressed, it’s a normal part of life. Good and bad things happen in life, it’s apart of the a human experience. Life still happens on life’s terms. There’s weddings, divorces, getting fired from your job, deaths, babies, and so much more. In our lifetime, we’re going to have both good times and bad times. Yet, if those feelings of depression last longer than 2 weeks, than this is more likely depression- the mood disorder.

1.) You’re Going To Feel Judged.

Mainly because some people don’t believe in depression. They treat it like it’s not real, or like it’s not a disease that can be severe. But it is, and i hate the fact that most people don’t understand it’s really real. You judging someone with depression is like you’re judging someone with cancer. Don’t let their misinformation and lack of education shame you into not getting help. Trust me, not everyone is misinformed.

2.) It Hurts Physically.

Depression not only hurts mentally but physically.

Muscle aches, joint pain and even stabbing feelings in your chest can all be symptoms of depression. Also, it can mean that it’s time to go see a dr, for more than a physical checkup.

3.) At Times, You’ll Think You Are Going Crazy.

Depression makes you feel like you’re going crazy. Like you’re about to lose it.

Depression is a mood shifting mental disorder; including panic attacks uncontrollable thoughts and habits, social phobia, and many of other issues. Do remember, that you are not crazy. You’re sick and you can/will get better.

4.) Everything Literally Gets On Your Nerves.

Everything gets on your nerves.

Others getting on your nerves, you’re getting on your nerves. This post might be getting on your nerves. Being irritated and aggravated is apart of depression. Yes, it’s a stressor!

5.) Everyday Chores Feel Devastating/Overwhelming.

Everyday duties feels devastating/overwhelming.

Something as simple as making a ham and cheese sandwich feels like to much for a meal, now you’re all worked up about it and now you’re crying.

6.) You Don’t Know (can’t tell) If It’s The Depression Talking.

You don’t know If it’s the depression talking, so confusing right?!

You don’t know If it’s your thoughts, or your depression thoughts. It can be very confusing, telling the difference between the chemical trickery thoughts, or if it’s the way things really is, is actually really really hard! Especially, without help. But truly and honestly, once you’ve overcome the dissimilarity, you’re very much on your way to feeling better.

7.) You Are Going To Feel Numb.

You don’t feel anything inside.

Many people connect depression or sadness with the illness, but honestly, sometimes, depression is feeling nothing at all. If you’re feeling exhausted or shut off emotionally that could be a warning sign, that it’s time to talk to your someone, or a doctor.

8.) Your Mirror Will Become Your Enemy.

You’ll really hate your mirror, it’ll become your worst enemy.

(Haha) A little humor from this gif, to make one you (or all of you) laugh or smile. I hope i did.

Depression and low self esteem goes together well. You start to hate the way you look. You hate to even look in the mirror. When depression makes you feel horrible about the way you look, it’s just better or feels better to look the other way.

9.) Most Of Your Friends Will Disappear, Just To Make That Very Clear.

In certain situations, you will see who’s real and who’s fake.

Wanna know who’s your real, your true friends are? Hard times, tough times, and struggle itself, lets you know who’s real and who’s fake. Who’s there and who’s a snake. Who’s got your back or who’ll stab it. Be glad that, and think about this specific struggle as one of your best blessings that lets you cut off the fake people. Real life situations will expose, who’s your true friends and who’s your fake friends.

If you’re short on rent or your mortgage, or if your child need pampers, and you call around asking your friends will, that will expose who’s real and who’s fake.

10.) Depression Is Very Very Boring.

Depression extremely boring.

Depression is a constant state of boredom. Life is not meant to be one dimensional, but struggling with depression can mean a never ending of boredom, that you can only relieve for the time being. Then it’s back to being boring still. Boringsville. It’s back to sitting down, just looking around.

Think You Might Be Struggling with depression or any other mental illness? There is help, and you are not alone. So don’t feel alone.

Things about depression no one wants to talk about, please feel free to leave any comments that you might have, or if you like what you’ve read than like it or share it please. Thank you all so much for your comments and your likes. That let’s me know someone is reading my post, and if I help just one person I’m very grateful.

The Reason I Started This Blog

Staring a blog is something that i’ve been wanting to do. But i didn’t go through it. It took me years to actually suck it up, and start a blog. Feelings and emotions/thoughts of depression stopped me from actually pursuing it. At the time, i felt like nobody would even read what i post, or like what i post, or even want to listen to what I had to say. I started this blog at the beginning of August, on the 8th if i’m not mistaking.

You’re probably thinking what made me decide to actually go on and pursue creating a blog this time? Well, I struggle with major depression and anxiety, and some of you know the hell that depression can bring you through. Well, those times of darkness are really hard, sometimes severe, and I know how it feels to be in it alone. No one understands those feelings and emotions that haunt you. No one to talk to and no one to run to. No one who understands what I go through.

I started this blog because some may not know what depression symptoms is, and some may know and think it isn’t real. But it is, and I’m here to tell you that today and everyday. I also started this blog to let others (who suffer with a mental illness) know you are not alone. You are not crazy. You are not weird either. You are human. And don’t let nobody consume you with negativity.

I know and understand how it feels when your mind takes control over your thoughts and misleading every single thought into something very disturbing.

As someone who has been struggling with major depression/mental illness for many years, since i was about 16yrs old, i know how it feels to feel worthless, constantly feeling sad. I know what it feels like when your mind constantly overthinks. Causing yourself to catch a headache, or even worse a migraine. I know how it feels to feel like you’re going to go insane.

But honestly, if you would have asked me about my mental illness about 6 or 7 years ago, I wouldn’t have told you. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed. I thought it meant that i was weak. I would have told you that i was ok, or i would have told you i was fine, knowing deep down inside me, i felt like i was dying. For years, i have kept my mental illness hidden, but i do know that i have one. I didn’t tell anyone because i didn’t want anyone to call me “crazy,” or to think I’m “dangerous”, the shame has resulted in me feeling shut out, or like i just don’t fit in with anything or anyone. Making me feel like something is completely wrong with me.

It’s a life long battle. Some days a lot of progress is made but some days it looks hopeless. It doesn’t matter if i’m winning or losing, it’s the fact that i’m still fighting that really matters. My son comes first, he’s the main reason why I get up everyday and fight.

But if you ask me now, i will tell you that I have major depression and anxiety, and it’s okay. In some ways it’s really scary, but at the same time I have accepted that i have a mental illness. I’ll be open about my mental illness because by me talking about my journey with my mental illness, might actually help change the way mental illnesses are judged. Maybe people can try to understand depression and you never know, it might help others, to get through their struggles.

Fighting with your own mind is one of the hardest things you can do. If you think about it, people (us) with mental illnesses are very very strong, the strongest people you will ever meet. Depression is so changeable, depression can actually be frightening but there are times of stillness.

A lot of people use to always say, “You don’t look like you have depression,” or “Why are you depressed? “you have no reason to be.” First of all, how will someone look like they have depression?! Some people just don’t understand.

If someone had died, they’ll understand why you are sad. They’ll accept it. Nobody would question that. But because there’s a lot of us, that don’t have a certain reason or problem, people believe that it’s all made up. Some may think it’s us being ungrateful or even being selfish. But trust me, it’s not at all any of that. (Crazy huh?) I can’t choose how I feel or how I am. I just can’t make myself feel something that isn’t there or something I don’t feel- can any of us? We just don’t have the same emotional undertaking than others.

Can you imagine becoming unreasonable and suspicious for no apparent reason? Can you picture the fear and anxiety of actually having no control over your thoughts/yourself? Having those thoughts and not even knowing where they came from. To actually not know what’s real and what isn’t. Sometimes it’s just sadness. Being so depressed that you can’t even bother to move. Everything is hard. Feeling worthless and pitiful. Everything seems pointless and you just want to stay in bed.

Most times, it just comes out of nowhere. Out of the blue. You don’t want to feel like this, but how can you just ‘snap out of it’? How do you make it go away? Major Depression and Anxiety is exhausting. It’s unreasonable but it’s so severe (so intense) and comes very quick. Like I said, it comes out of the blue. Not getting sleep isn’t good, it doesn’t help, but who can sleep make themselves go to sleep?

Your mind is just all over the place, full to the rim of stuff just going around, and round, really going over everything that has happened and everything that’s been said; ‘Why I didn’t get a text back? Why I didn’t get invited to go eat out? I’m crazy. I’m boring. I have no control over it though. I can’t just ‘snap out of it. Most people tell me: ‘don’t worry’. That it could be coming from a good place.

Can you imagine being really really sick and trying to explain that to a family member/friend, and they respond to you like “you need to grow up, because I be depressed and I’m not like that.” Really?! That’s not going to fix it. That’ll just make it worse, and it’ll cause you to just hide the fact that you’re ill.

When I found out that i had been struggling with major depression and anxiety, I felt so relieved. All that feeling alone, I didn’t feel alone anymore. Me being diagnosed made me realize my mental illness journey had started many years before. I was diagnosed at about age 22, but I realized that my journey had actually started years before being diagnosed. I was suffering with severe sadness, feeling worthless, extreme guilt, I wasn’t eating or sleeping, and that was about everyday.

Not knowing what was wrong with me. But I knew it was something. When I tried to speak about my anxiety attacks and major depression, most people just said “It happens to everybody, “Everyone gets depressed at times”, it’ll go away,” or “Why do you let things bother you?”

I guess it didn’t seem so severe to anyone. No one was worried and no one even cared that i was suffering, so i was suffering alone. I still do sometimes, and i said sometimes because i’m getting better with handling it. But people wonder why and actually hate that i show that ‘I don’t need nobody’ attitude. it’s because when I was at my lowest, when I was in nothing but darkness, nothing but guilt, Nobody was there for me but me, myself, and i. That’s the most important time, the best time to have someone by your side when you just want to cry.

But honestly and truly, i don’t wish this on no one. Having a mental illness is really hard. Heck, it’s the most hardest thing i’ve ever dealt with. No one should be ignored, or pushed to the side when crying out, it’s such a hurting feeling. No one shouldn’t have to go through that, and especially not alone. I still struggle with my depression but if I can help anybody, listen or even just with my posts I’m very grateful/ happy with that.

If you want to help, it really helps having someone trustworthy to talk to. Even if they don’t have the answers. It helps to know that someone actually do care. I honestly believe we all need that tenderness, that concern, and that kindness. You know? That humanity!!

There should be more family members supporting their loved one or whom ever it may be, with their mental illnesses. There should be more communication between patients, family members, and the psychiatrist/clinicians. Get the patients family members involved, clinicians should actually be encouraged to do so.

Why did you create your blog?

Hello everyone, please feel free to leave any comments that you may have below. If it’s something I may have left out, or feelings you feel with your mental illness just comment it below. Also, if you like what you’ve read please like, share, and subscribe.

Lessons Depression Teaches You.

Photo made by me

Are you learning from your problems?

People that are able to learn from their problems, do great in their future, i’ve heard. It doesn’t matter whether you have an episode – Major Depressive Disorder, clinical depression, or anxiety or any other depression or type of anxiety it’s very important to learn a lesson from that problem. Down below are some your depression may be able to teach you.

Hard Work Isn’t More Important Than Sleep.

One aspect of depression is changes in sleep. You might sleep more than you usually do, or you might sleep less. Not getting enough sleep can actually put you at risk to develop or worsen your depression. Chronically getting too little sleep is one risk factor for episodes of depression and bipolar disorder. If you’re losing sleep in order to work more or longer, that loss of sleep may impair your judgement and eventually undermine the progress you are making in your work.

Take Good care of yourself.

Just taking good care of yourself won’t automatically stop depression, but part of the process of recovering from depression is learning to take better care of yourself. Depression teaches you the importance of good preventive self care.

Taking better care of yourself isn’t selfish.

In order to do for others, you have to first take care of yourself. That’s another lesson depression teaches. Taking care of yourself will show you that it’s not the same thing as being selfish. Make taking care of yourself your first priority, to reduce the risks of future episodes of depression.

Things can’t make you happy.

It’s real easy to misstep into the deception of thinking that if you had more, bigger, and a lot prettier things, that that’ll make you happy. Depression does not care what kind of things you have. Depression does not care if you have more stuff. Having depression, teaches you that material things aren’t far more important than relationships and the experiences.

Measure your accomplishments rather than mistakes.

Some people have had many accomplishments. Everyone who tries has some things that don’t work out for them the way it was planned. If you only keep total of your mistakes, you’ll run up a very large total. Looking at only your faults, can be very disappointing. Make sure you always give yourself credit for things you have accomplished. Most likely you have accomplished more things than you are aware of. Depression likes to unclear your view of the positive in life.

Things you tell yourself comes to be true.

Everyone knows that words are very very powerful. Things you tell yourself be liable to come true. Tell yourself you can’t and you won’t be able to. Tell yourself that somehow, some way, you going to find a way to get past this and things are going to get better.

Have you learned anything from your problems?

Sit back and reflect on what your personal problems has taught you. Have your personal problems made you stronger? Or have you just ignored all the lessons/messages that your problems were trying to teach you?

Think about that and if you ignore the messages that your problems/depression tried teaching you, pay attention from now on. Because depression can be a lesson, in disguise. Be wise!

Those are some lessons that depression teaches you from me. If you like it, please like, follow, and feel free to leave any comments that you may have. Thanks to all my followers, you are all amazing 😉 I have plenty more to come. Subscribe subscribe and I hope each and everyone of you has a blessed and great day today. Remember to smile 😀😘

9 Things Mental Illness Has Taught Me About Life.

Photo made by me

At Times when we face different challenges, it’s hard to believe that good or favorable things will actually come out of those times of darkness, but there really is. In life, the most important lessons are in the places you’ll never think to look. Down below, are 9 things my mental illness has taught me about life.

1.) An Legitimate Life Is A Good Life.

Living with a mental illness has taught me the power of legitimacy. An legitimate life is a good life. Hiding the truth from others, is impossible to be pleased. Just breathe, be honest about who you are. Being honest about who you are, not worrying about the opinion of others, is a motive for happiness. Be yourself, because pretending to be someone your not does not prevent pain, it actually intensifies it.

2.) Our Mistakes And Our Struggles Improves Us.

I was about 16 or 17yrs old when I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. At the time, I really thought my life was over. I thought my life was really ruined. I thought it would ruin my life. But those experiences, is what has improved me, it has actually made me the woman that I am today. The struggles and the mistakes we make, is what made us today. It’s our struggles and mistakes, both present and past, that improves us.

3.) Smiles Can Most Definitely Be Deceiving.

You can’t believe that someone is really happy from on the outside appearance. One year, awhile back in my school days, I was suppose to read a poem for black history month, I was so happy about it at first, than the symptoms of depression began to come up. I felt so separate from myself. The depression became very exhausting, but I still smiled through the pain. Me, living with a mental illness, has taught me that Smiles can most definitely be deceiving and that happiness can easily be mocked up by those struggling.

4.) Normal? There Is No Such Thing As Normal.

Normal? What is normal? The way one person clarifies “normal” might be different others. Some people think those who choose to be honest are crazy, while others believe those people who live according by the rules are fruitcakes. That’s why labels are only for delivery boxes, jars, and handbags, not people. (humans) ok? Ok.

5.) The Definition Of Real Friendships. (Real Friendships!)

Living with a mental illness, people start showing their true colors, and unhappily, you start to see a lot of them prove themselves as undependable/unreliable. But thankfully, thank God, there is a silver lining. We learn the real meaning of friendships. Friends who are there whether we are laughing, crying, or being goofy. Real friends add to your life, even when your at your lowest, even when you feel like giving up. . Do not take these friends for granted.

What’s a silver lining?

Every cloud has a silver lining” it means every tough time or difficulty that causes pain, also contains a potentiality for a generous result. By seeking for any positive things (positive effects) of any problems or even a misleading circumstance, we begin to feel better, we can begin to feel more internal peace in reply to how how things stand, therefore getting back our ability to solve it if we can, or just accept it if we can’t.

6.) It Is Okay To Not Be Okay.

Almost everyday, I have to constantly remind myself , that it is okay to not be okay. Pain we endure in life is truly hard, and absolutely nothing is wrong with asking or reaching out for help when you need it. There’s no gender for depression. Depression doesn’t has no gender, race, or face.

7.) Making Plans In Life, There Is No Such Thing.

Our lives are supposed to be mapped out perfectly and we’re expected to follow a timeline right? Honestly, that kind of mindset will only set yourself up for disappointment. I had plans to go to college, and graduate in 4yrs, had plans to be doing what I love, which is being journalists, I had plans to be in my big dream house. I am 31yrs old now, and I can tell you that my life did not end up like I actually had planned, and I’m kind of grateful it didn’t. Going to a mental clinic and being diagnosed with major depression and anxiety was not on one of my list of plans to do, despite that it taught me that there is no such thing as making plans in life. Sometimes, our dreams change and so does our outlook on life. Make goals and not plans and let your experiences guide you.

8.) Being Considerate Can Save Lives.

Just about every 40 seconds there’s someone who’s committed suicide, somewhere around the world. If someone would have acted considerate and kindly, they could’ve helped get many of the individuals away from the edge. You don’t understand the impact of a action, kind, and considerate word. Being considerate and kind save lives, and caring for/about others only increases our character of life.

9.) Our Beauty Is Found In What Makes Us Different.

I’ve been taught different things living with a mental illness. I’ve also been taught that what makes you different gives you feeling. If someone told you they have a perfect life, they’re lying. There is no such thing as a perfect life, mind, or body trust me. It took me along time, to realize the power of embracing my depression and anxiety mind, that part of me that was suppose to make me feel poor, I saw that beauty is found in what makes us different, and everybody is different in their own little way.

I’ve been taught a lot of things living with a mental illness.



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