R. Kelly Preyed On Women/Young Teenage Women, For Decades!!!

I’m sure you all have heard the dirty tea/Sexual claims on R&B singer R. Kelly for so many years. (And those claims are still floating around)

R. Kelly has decades of misconduct and abuse on women and younger teenage girls, that he has continuously denied.

For many, many years might I add.

Robert Sylvester Kelly should’ve been locked up years ago, if you ask me!

He’s been having sexual allegations against him. I remember, all that about the r&b singer R. Kelly. How could I forget the guy who peed on a child? 😂😆🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😉

Honestly, they should’ve been stopped and listened, and did all of this, since like 1994 or 1996.

His family is catching hell from all his wrongdoing, including his children. Joann Kelly, R. Kelly’s estranged daughter who goes by the name Buku Abi, finally broke her silence about the dispute surrounding her father. She wrote a long statement on her Instagram.

Here is the link,


Poor Joann, all these careless things that R. Kelly (her father) has done, and now they’re having a hard time.

People are talking about them and their moms. His kids would go to school and kids would be teasing them. Saying things like, “Your daddy is a rapist,” or “Your daddy likes little girls.” It’s really sad that all these years he’s gotten away with abusing woman and having relations with little girls. Using his fame to score little girls, and women.

His ex wife Andrea Kelly, says she’s happy/that it makes her smile about it all coming to the light. She said, she’s happy because, it means they’re being heard about R. Kelly, and his sick, careless, predatory doings. She’s discussing everything including the docuseries surviving R Kelly that lifetime evacuated. There was so many anonymous threats because of it.

Surviving R. Kelly

I have the link below.

Andrea and R. Kelly met after she got a job as his back up dancer. She was only 19 when she met R. Kelly. In 1996, R. Kelly asked Andrea to marry him. She said, she did not know about the storm on the horizon. (The R.Kelly himself) She also mentioned that her wedding was a surprise wedding. She didn’t even know she was getting married.

As their relationship advanced, R. Kelly had applied more and more control over his wife, Andrea. She’s also been abused by R. Kelly, and she talks about it all in the link below. She mentions some of his abusive ways/behavior towards her, but there are certain things she was not willing to talk about, because of “the darkness of it.” Crying as she discuss it.


Do you believe R. Kelly did all those allegations that’s against him? Why Did it take a tv show to wake people up?!

He constantly surrounded hisself with younger girls. One interview he was asked about his sexual history and the allegations against him, and R. Kelly got up and walked out during the interview live. (Wow) Awhile back, on 1/20/2016 in another interview, R. Kelly opened up about being molested at ages 7 or 8 until he was 14, or 15. He was abused by one of his relatives.

In the interview, he was also asked his opinion on Bill Cosby. He said, “I don’t know what happened.” Also saying he’s a fan of Bill Cosby replying, “who’s not?” R. Kelly said he couldn’t give his opinion on something he had no idea of if it’s true or not. R. Kelly also said “When I look on tv and see the 70-,80-, 90 year old ladies talking about what happened when they were 17, 18, or 19, he said, “There’s something strange about it,” R. Kelly said.

What’s so strange about it? (I want to know) That link is also below.


R. Kelly’s life has been in confusion, ever since the lifetime series of Surviving R. Kelly first appeared. The docuseries looked in R. Kelly’s sexual history, which is brainteased with accusations of sexual, mental, and physical assaults. More than 50 people were interviewed, and the long list of accusations has turned the world against R. Kelly.

Artists he wrote songs for, or worked together with are avoiding him, while two cities are asking witnesses as well as victims, to come forward so that a proper investigation can be done on the celebrity (R.Kelly). His music is starting to be excluded from some radio stations, and it truly appears that, the legend is about to watch his entire legacy/fame go down the drain. Right before his very own eyes.

R. Kelly’s resources claims he’s not worried about the artists that’s cutting him off, and disowning him. He is dismissing artists such as, Lady Gaga, B2K, Celine Dion, and many more, as “phonies” who’s just desperate to look good in the public eye. 👀👀👁

On the other hand. R. Kelly is completely freaking out about Surviving R. Kelly. A come to an end and discontinue letter was sent to lifetime from R. Kelly days before they aired the series, demanding that it be postponed.

Now, Kelly is doing everything in his power to strike back at lifetime. He’s also been seeking to find dirt on one of lifetime’s executives, while also working with a legal team to dismember the content in the docuseries.

There’s the link below, if you’d like to read it.


R. Kelly accuser’s (Lisa Vanallen) daughter cries as she says moms story changed her perspective in the link below. She speaks for the first time in public, about her mom’s 10-year abusive relationship with R. Kelly. Check it out.

Lisa Vanallen’s daughter, Akeyla


Also, one of R. Kelly’s accusers says he sent a letter threatening her and her family after she spoke out. You can read the rest by clicking the link below.

R. Kelly’s Accuser, Faith Rodgers


R. Kelly wrote a threatening letter? Why? 👀👀👀👁

This been going on, been happening like decades ago. Remember?! And now, all of a sudden, everybody wants to stop playing his music, stop him from writing their music, stop his concerts, basically disown him after about 30 something years?!

What’s a threatening letter going to prove??

What do you guys think going to happen to R. Kelly?

Do you think R. Kelly should go to jail?

Do you know he’s going to jail?

It’s so sad that he was able to get away with it all these years. To his victims, so sorry you had to go through all of that bs!

Not trying to judge him, but he has always gotten caught with a younger teenage woman. He’s had so many sexual allegations against him, for years.! Don’t act like this is something new.

Remember him and the singer Aaliyah? (Rip beautiful) They actually got married. Their marriage certificate said Aaliyah was 18 but she really was 15.

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Depressed Or Sad? Need Some Motivation This Morning? Check it out…

Good afternoon everyone, 😃😃 I hope you all are having a blessed and great afternoon. If you aren’t having a good afternoon, I saved some quotes for you all to remember. I understand it all. You are not alone, so don’t think that you are. Having depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar and any other disorder, can make you feel low. Make you think.(sometimes negative) Low Self-esteem Ugh! I know…. just stroll below and read quotes. 😘😘😘😘

You are somebody. Don’t let nobody tell you different. Not even your mind. ( I have to tell myself this sometimes) we are all strong, and we all will keep holding on.

Quotes are from Healthy Place For Your Mental Health…. I have the link below if you guys want to check it out.


Life, Depression, Anxiety, Or Any Other Mental Illness? Click This!!

Made by me

If you’re feeling worthless, depressed, sad, guilty, hopeless, suicidal, or you may just need some motivation…. click the video below. This video will give you everything you need!! Powerful video.

I was watching something on YouTube and this video popped up. I watched it and just from watching it, i feel motivated! I was having a tough time, but this video lifted me up with joy. Life ain’t always good, life ain’t always rosie, but life is worth living. Whatever you are going through right now it’s not permanent. You can be cured, you can get through it and you can get pass it. We can!!!


What Is Depression?

Photo made by me

At times we all feel sad, moody, low, or irritated from time to time, there’s some people experience these feelings extremely, for long periods of time (weeks, months, and even years) sometimes without any clear reason. Depression is more than a low mood, it’s actually a really serious condition that affects your mental and physical health.

Depression (major depressive disorder) is a widespread and a really serious mental illness that negatively have an impact on how you feel, the way you act, and even the way you think. Thankfully, it’s treatable.

Depression causes feelings of sadness, loss interest in things you once loved. Depression can cause a range of emotions and physical problems. Depression can also reduce your ability to operate at work as well as at home.

Depression symptoms can change from moderate to severe and can consist of :

Having a depressed mood or just feeling sad

Loss of interest/pleasure in things you once enjoyed

Weight loss or gain– changes in appetite Unassociated to diet

Sleeping too much or trouble sleeping

Reduction of energy or intensified fatigue.

Slowed movements in speech or handwriting. (pacing) increase in purposeless physical activities

Feeling guilty or worthless problem thinking, concentrating, or even making decisions

Thoughts of death or suicide

What causes depression?

No one knows exactly what causes depression, there’s many of things that’s connected to it’s growth. Depression usually results from a mixture of current events and other personal elements, rather than one immediate issue or event.

Photo made by me

Down below, I broke down the feelings, thoughts, and physical/bodily symptoms of depression…..

Feelings of depression:









Low confidence


Thoughts of depression:

It’s all my fault

I’m so worthless

I’m such a failure

They’ll be better off without me

Good things never happen for me

Why am I here

My life sucks

I’m so stupid

I’m so dumb

I hate life

Physical symptoms of depression:

Tired all the time

Sleeping problems

Agitated stomach

Headaches as well as muscle pain

Change/loss of appetite

Unusual weight loss or gain

Are you/or think someone you know may be experiencing depression? Do you feel sad constantly? Do you feel worthless? Do you feel nothing but guilt? Do you constantly feel like a failure? Don’t enjoy things you once loved to do? Do you get agitated a lot and always moody? Do you feel like you can’t control those intense emotions/feelings? Do you feel ashamed of all those thoughts and feelings?

Don’t be ashamed, don’t be embarrassed, and don’t wait to get help. There is help and you are not alone. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Join the club. I myself, suffer with depression and having it is not easy at all. Depression does not go away on it’s own, but there’s medications that help. I’m actually seeing improvement with my medications. I take Zoloft 150mg every morning along with a few others. Please talk to your health physician and be honest about how you are feeling/or how you have been feeling. From there you two can decide which medications are right for you.

Ok you Guys, that is my definition of depression. What do you think?

Please feel free to leave comments. Also, feel free to like and share. I really wanna think all of my followers for all the likes and comments, and views. I really didn’t think I would even get this many followers that I do have. Thank you to each and every one of you! I love to write, which is why I started my blog. I also suffer with major depression and anxiety, I know the symptoms and the signs of both. I’ve also had experiences, and I know that depression/anxiety is really real, it’s a really serious mental illness. Depression, sometimes go undiagnosed because some don’t confront it, or because friends/family members don’t recognize the symptoms. Some might even be hesitant to go get the help they need. That’s why family members should be looking out(for you) or whoever, for signs and symptoms of depression. You should also know the signs if you don’t, that’s why I’m here. Like I was saying, I really didn’t think no one would follower me or even read my blog. You guys proved me so wrong! I started it to write poems and also to talk about mental health, mental illnesses, life, life with depression and so on. I used to be ashamed but now I’m taking a stand!! Talking about it actually helps, and talking about my experiences along my journey with depression might help someone else.

5 Things To Do (And Not Do) To Support Someone With Depression.

Depression is really a drag. Everyone that has ever had it or experienced it, believe me, they have experienced it very differently. And believe me, we all know it’s a hassle. It’s a nightmare you can’t seem to wake up from.

At sometimes, however, I wonder if people who don’t have it understand ––like really really understand— Just how painful, and how overwhelmingly it is.

Example, while there’s some people that’s commonly using the word to describe or to express short feelings of sadness and disappointment, but depression is actually a chronic physical illness with symptoms mostly invisible.

Even though we have came along way as for treating it. But we don’t know what causes it or why some Medications work and why some don’t. Those questions still unanswered. Even if you have enough control over your depression, it can affect everything in your life. Making it a complete hell.

People who don’t understand depression or who has never experienced it may think it’s not that bad or it’s not that serious.

Depression can make your loved ones and friends not want to be around you. It’s a irritating disease to live with because being frustrated or sleepless or sad or numb for a period of time, can be tiring or very exhausting.

Especially, when you can’t prove to anyone that you are really really sick. It’s condition is biologically driven, brought on by an interplay between genetics hormonal and neurochemical signaling mechanisms in the brain and body.

It’s so hard for the public to understand that depression isn’t due to moral guilt, failure, weakness, or lack of will power at all.

Ok, so back to my 5 things to do and 5 things (not to do) to support someone with depression.

1.) Do not tell them grow up.

Telling someone with depression to “grow up” is definitely harmful to say. Saying that, is one of the cruelest, insensitive, and terrible things you could say to someone who struggle with depression. Depression can hit anyone. You aren’t free from it at any age. This comment is showing lack of empathy and also immediately rejecting the person with depression feelings. The unexpressed symptoms of depression are very serious matters. Saying “grow up” is definitely not the resolution. Sometimes being grown up, full of overwhelming responsibilities, is sometimes, most times what triggers the depression.

2.) Do not judge do not criticize.

Sometimes what you say can have a powerful impact on someone with depression (maybe your loved one. Avoid telling them statements like: I think it’s just all in your head. If you got up out that bed and moved around, you would see things better. These words indicatethat your loved one has a choice in how they feeland has chosen just to be depressed. People with depression are very insensitive but can cause your loved one to isolate even more.

3.) Evade the tough-love method.

Many people think that being tough on their love one will magically undo their love one depression or encourage positive behavior changes. For example, some folks may on purpose be agitated with their love one, push their limits use silence, be cold-hearted or even given an ultimatum. ( “you better snap out of or I’m going to leave you”) But Consider this as really pointless, very hurtful, and unfavorable as ignoring, pushing away or not even helping someone who has cancer or lupus.

4.) Do not minimize their pain.

Declaration such as “you’re so insensitive” or “Why do you let everything bother you?” Humiliation a person or loved one with depression. It undermines what they’re experiencing and it completely explications over the fact they are struggling with a complicated disorder… not a weakness, or a personality defect.

5.) Don’t offer advice.

It’s normal well natural to want to share advice with a friend/love one. When someone we love is really going through it like really having a tough time, we desire to fix their despair/unhappiness. While it may be true that the person that is depressed needs guidance, actually saying that will make them feel offended or even more insufficient and disconnect further. Instead, ask “What can we do to help you feel better?” This will give your love a chance to ask for help. When a person asks for help they’re more willing to take to be guided and take direction without feeling offended. (I know this from experience.) Depression isn’t like a vacuum, you can’t just suck things up!

Ok, so there’s the 5 things not to do to support someone with depression. Every person is different and may handle the beast of depression differently but, down below, I have 5 things to do to support someone with depression.

Jackie C.

Made by me Jackie C.

1.) Educate yourself on Depression and any other mood disorder.

Even though you can’t make your love one/friend feel better and you can’t cure them, you can inform/instruct yourself about depression or any other mood disorder or the kind of mood disorder he/she has. Educating yourself on depression or your loved one’s illness will really help you to understand it better, and feel more in control of the situation. It’ll also give you a lot of patience to handle the confusing or frustrating symptoms.

2.) Help them point out and confront with the sources of stress.

Stress is a well known contributor to depression. I’ve also read online that a study on rats organized by researchers at universities in Aarhus and Aalborg, Denmark, stress was displayed to reduce the brain’s instinctive power to keep itself healthy. Stress also interrupts healthy managing strategies, which constitutes your love one/friend more susceptible to mood swings. You are to help your loved one identify sources of stress in his/her life and brainstorm on ways to reduce it.

3.) Remind them that they are extremely strong.

When you are depressed, you don’t feel like you’re good of love. That itself makes relationships and communication so hard. One way of approaching them to recovery is reminding them of their strength. Use physical examples. Refer to times in their lives they exemplified courage, compassion, integrity, and endurance. Use photos if you have any. Remind them of accomplishments in the past or success that will boost their mood.

4.) Express your willingness to help.

Show your loved one that you actually do care and attend family therapy sessions. Show them that you are willing to help by setting up appointments. Tell them that they are not alone in this. Talk to your loved one tell them about what you have noticed about them and why you are concerned. If your loved one is resistant to a support group, try to encourage them that there’s no shame in getting help or asking for help.

5.) Stay Connected.

Check on your loved one often. You can ask them how they’re doing or invite them over for dinner. Even offer to help them with house chores or everyday chores. The important part to this is, show up, listen, and show them you actually do care.

Depression can come at any time in our lives. Depression doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to you, you, you, and you! But there is help out there and you are not alone. You are strong, don’t worry about those negative comments, don’t entertain them. It can happen to them. Medications, natural cures, psychotherapy, and replacement life changes can help lessen the strain. Don’t be ashamed get help. It helps I suffer with depression and trying to deal with it alone, thinking it’ll go away on it’s own is so wrong! If you are suffering from this disorder, your mental and physical health are invaluable/critical, and you don’t need people protruding how you should be feeling, when you, obviously need love and support. Talking to someone, going to a mental health clinic, taking your medications on time and everyday, surrounding yourself in positive places, you will make it.

Top 10 Game Apps You Must Have On Your Phone.

Best Mobile Games
So you have a phone, but you don’t have any fun games on it? Maybe, you don’t know of any that’s interesting? Don’t you worry you are on the right blog. (Hahaha) There’s thousands probably millions of games out there and i know it can be hard to choose which games are even worth your time. You don’t know which ones are occupying or worth downloading. That’s where I come in. I have managed to write down a list of the best games down Below. Oh, and guess what? They are for both iphones and androids phones. That’s great isn’t it?! Also, these mobile games are free and very occupying. Especially…. when you’re depressed, stressed anxious, bored, and lonely. So, here’s my list, the top 10 game apps you must have on your phone.
Candy Crush Developer: King

Candy Crush is a fun and challenging game. Also, it is very addicting! My sister actually tried to take my phone from me a few times. (Haha) Yes it’s that addicting. Your goal is to clear as many rows and columns as possible in a matter of seconds. To clear the candy pieces you have to line three or more in a row. Which is done by swapping candy pieces in order to create three. It’s a good game to play and another popular one that’ll keep u occupied. It’s worth the download.

Developer: Epic games

This one popular game right here. Fortnite. Also one of my favorite games. It’s the most played game on the planet!! Most androids can get this one but if not you can play it on your computer… simple as that. Just go to fortnite.com/androids where they’ll find the fortnite installer for download. Ok, so fortnite Is like other Royale games. Fortnite is a competitive shooters like 100 as they all airdrop out of a moving plane or a battle bus. (Fortnite Battle Royale). They fight to survive as the play space slowly shrinks to force people into combat. You have to find all your weapons and equipment on the map. challenging. It’s very much worth downloading.

Asphalt Airborne 8

Developer: Gameloft
Asphalt Airborne 8 is an extreme and adrenaline pumping racing game. To say this game is free your experience is actually like real live racing. It’s a very astounding game and it has 13 locations and plenty of different cars to choose from. Being a boring game is a negative. Boring will never be associated with Asphalt Airborne 8 it’s great. They app is always updated and I guarantee you’re gonna get enjoyment out of this game. Feels so real. Look so real. It’s so worth the download.

Super Mario RunDeveloper: Nintendo Co, Ltd

Super Mario Run is a automatic running game and it’s also another popular and fun game. All you doing is waiting on the character to move and tap to jump. If you want to jump higher tap and hold the screen. Reverse from the wall and then jump. Just tap on the screen when Mario touch the wall. There’s a lot of obstacles that will Try To Prevent you from finishing the levels. Just tap on the screen to jump over the obstacles. You have to collect coins also actually this is an important part of the game and it can be hard to find. There’s also pink coins in some levels, that unlock harder to catch other purple coins in the level. There’s yellow coins to collect too. Make sure to use the action boxes. You have to try to stay live and watch out for obstacles. It’s a good/fun game. The only thing about this app is it let’s you play so many levels and you pay to unlock the others. One time payment though. Estimate price: $9.99 But it’s worth it. It’s also worth the download.

Uno & FriendsDeveloper: Mattel163 Limited

Uno & Friends is also popular. You can either play with friends or other players. The person that’s on the left next to the dealer goes first. Next player must match a card with the card that’s on the card pile, either by color, number, or symbol. It’s a really fun game to play. It’s amazing that they came up with the uno app and it’s also free to download. Give it a try. It keeps you occupied. Really astonishing. It’s worth the download now. So what are you waiting for? Lol 😂🤣 it’s worth it.

Subway Surfers Developer: Kiloo

Subway Surfers Is one of the most popular apps out here globally. To play you just simple steer your character with swipes to avoid different obstacles and collect the coins and powerups. Swipe left to go left and swipe right to go to the right. You swipe down to duck. It’s a standard unlimited runner and a good balance of fun and challenges. I would recommend this game to anyone. (I already have) hahaha. You won’t regret downloading this one.

Pet Rescue SagaDeveloper: Kiloo

Pet Rescue Saga. This app is omg so adorable! It’s also for androids and iphones. Pet rescue saga you worry about your pets first. On most of the levels you play Your number one intention should be saving your pets. You have to rescue all the little cute pets. And the music that play’s is so relaxing. This game is just as addicting as candy crush. Trust me. Astonishing! This game is also worth downloading.

RobloxDeveloper: Roblox Corporation

Popular popular game. Roblox. You can download it for free. If you love playing games than this the app for you. Roblox has so many games to choose from. Most of the games are advanced gameplay. Roblox also let u play games in a excellent multiplayer environment. On roblox you Can even Have a job. There’s this pizza place, and you choose to be either a delivery person or cook. (Haha) so fun though. If you download this game, I promise you you won’t regret it. It’s also for androids and iPhones.

Pokémon GoDeveloper: Niantic, Inc

Wow I never would’ve thought that they would come out with Pokémon. (Haha) It’s also another fun and occupying game. It’s another popular app. Pokémon Go is For androids and iphones. You can play on the go with Pokémon’s mobile app. You have to pick which Pokémon you want to catch. Once you catch the Pokémon the others disappear. Finding Pokémon isn’t easy you’ll have to go outside and look for more Pokémon’s. You’ll have to look at parks and shopping centers. Where the Pokémon’s spawn. This app is also free. Please believe me it’s worth downloading.

Clash Royale 👑 Developer: Supercell

Clash Royale. It’s a card game and it’s a very famous game. Clash Royale 👑 is also for androids and iphones. It’s another free app to download. You probably saying “Are you sure?” Yes I’m sure. I’m positively sure. Clash Royale is a video game and it combines different elements from collectible games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. The intention of this game is to kill the opponent’s king tower, which can only be hurt when all of their troops and buildings are not on the field. As long as there isn’t a different building on the field building targeting troops can directly target the King tower. It’s really a fun app. And yes, it’s worth downloading. Try it out and see.

Okay you guys so that’s the (My) top 10 game apps you must have on your android or iphone. Also, all of my favorites lol 😂🤣. They are all worth downloading on your phone. All of these games are amazing and addicting. But occupying. And I promising you that you would enjoy all of these apps. Either one. I Suffer with Anxiety and Major Depression and when I’m depressed or anxious, and I play any one of these games it takes my mind off of whatever I was depressed about. That’s why I say they are all very occupying. Okay you guys please share, like, and comment on my post. Any of them. That’s what im here for. Tell me what you think. And if you like it, Share it, reblog it, Comment on it, and like it. I will do the same of course. 🥰😘 Be back later my loves. 😘😘

6 Successful Strategies That’ll Help Distract Feelings of Anxiety And Depression.

When you’re feeling down, stressed, and anxious, do you try to fix the way you feel? When you’re feeling emotional or awful, do you try to figure out what’s wrong with you? Umm, unfortunately this kind of thinking really increases our negative feelings, but there’s something you can do about it. It’s called distraction. No, not the kind of distraction like if you were reading. The kind that helps your improve mood. If you’re not making use of distraction, than you’re really missing out on a simple and effective strategy too improve your mood.

Six Types Of Distraction

I have found a good way of dividing Distraction into 6 Categories. I found this way very useful but you might come up with other ways to group them. Either or doesn’t matter. Down Below are each examples in each category but there are many others that I don’t have listed. Use this list as a starting not an ending point.

Mindfulness, stress-reduction

1.) Meditation, visualization diaphragmatic breathing.

2.) Mentally tasks to engage in

Crosswords, Scrabble, angry birds, and my all time favorite candy crush. 🙂

3.) Social activities- Meeting

With friends, visiting family, spending time with kids, meet with a friend at a cafe or somewhere to eat lunch, with friends and family on the park and talk.

4.) Patterned activities- home

Cleaning, mopping, running errands, home improvement, or working on home improvement, home chores.

5.) Entertainment/hobbies/free time

Listening to music, dancing, writing, reading, painting, drawing, coloring, motivational books, journaling, gardening.

6.) physical activities

Walking, running, bike riding, lifting weights, push ups, sit ups, squats, jumping jack.

What is Distraction?

Distraction can mean not paying attention but I’m referring to a technique that can help you to stop overthinking On negative things. Distraction is a way to take your mind off of unpleasant feelings, upsetting images ( like mentally replaying a horrible argument with someone).

Distraction is a positive plan, like listening to uplifting/motivational music, taking a nice warm bath, or exercising. But some way to forget about the Your Emotions Can be harmful, like drinking alcohol, spending a lot of money, and over eating. This could make you feel even worse. So no I’m not saying forgetting about your emotions is necessary good by itself.

Thinking about your feelings.

Thinking about your feelings can be helpful but sometimes not. At Times It Can make you feel even worse. Sitting just dwelling on a situation or emotions. When we are in a bad mood, we sometimes have trouble thinking or creatively about our problems. Me, when I’m angry and trying to fix something I usually make the problem worse. It’s not different at all when trying to fix ourselves. There’s so many ways to distract yourself. Write down a list of your favorite strategies and try it when Feeling depressed,or stressed. This distraction is to help when you Feeling Down, overthinking, Feeling Hopeless, helpless, anxious, and thinking about how depressed you. Like running is a form of exercise. A stress reduction. It just depends on how the word ‘distraction’ is used. Distraction can be just for 10 mins or until you have calmed down. I Hope this is helpful. If so like, comment, and share.

A Timeline About Sugar/Foods That Reduce Anxiety And Depression.

We All Love Candy Right? Like Who Doesn’t? Eating A Box Of Your Favorite Good Rich Chocolates Feels Like Heaven Right?! I Know But Plenty Sugar, In Particular Is Actually One Of The Biggest Contributors To A Very Poor Mental State. It’s Really Important What You Put In Your Body. It’s Really Easy To Believe Anxiety And Other Health Problems Are Totally Different Than Your Physical Health. Honestly, In Reality The Way You Feel Mentally May Be Straight Correlated To How You Feel Physically. Right?

Understanding The Interconnection Between The Brain And Sugar.

Anxiety And Depression At Most Times Are Together. Meaning That Most People Who Struggle With Anxiety Also Experience Depression. Some People It’s More Anxiety Than Depression And Some People It’s More Depression Than Anxiety. But They Are Both Extremely Connected. People (Like Myself) Are Frequently Given Medications To Avert The Reuptake Of Serotonin And To Make More Serotonin Available For Your Brain. Which Are SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) When These Medications Was Evolved It Was To Believe That Anxiety And Depression Were Caused By Low Levels Of Serotonin. You Wouldn’t Believe That Further Studies Show That Not Low Levels Of Serotonin But High Levels Of Serotonin In Reality Making Anxiety Levels Worse For Many Many People. Guess What Else Raises Your Serotonin Levels? Sugar! Yes! If You Are One That Suffers From Anxiety, It’s Real Possible That Every Time You Eat Sugar You’re Providing To The Neurochemical Reaction Of Anxiety And Additionally Prolonging The Issue.

Connecting Your Stomach Health To Your Mental Health.

There’s This Thing Called Microbiome Living Inside Of Us All And Often Overlooked. But It’s Produced Of Trillions Of Bacteria. I Know Right? It Sounds Gross! But Believe It Or Not, You Would Not Be Alive Without Them. Your Brain, Immune System, And Mood Are All Mainly Controlled By Your Microbiome. You Can Either Choose To Feed The Good Bacteria Or Bad Bacteria. And Believe Me Or Not, Sugar Continues To Feed The Bad Bacteria. Plenty Sugar Intake Donates To The Blood Sugar Spikes, Imbalances, And Insulin Resistance. When Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Order, It Throws Off Your HypothalamicPituitaryAdrenal Axis (HPA Axis), Which Is Responsible For Letting Go Of Your Stress Hormone Cortisol. If You Are Continuously Throwing Off Your Adrenals With Candy/Sugar You Will Never Calm Down. You Can Further Sustain The Feelings Of Anxiety. Did You Know That Your Stomach And Brain Has Been Connected Together From The Beginning? While In The Womb These Two Organs Develop From The Same Exact Fetal Tissue And Continue Their Connection Your Entire Life Through The Gut- Brain Axis And Vagus Nerve.

What Sugar Does To Anxiety/Mental Health.

When Your Body Runs Low On Energy, It Demands To Be Refueled With High High Energy (Raw Sugar Foods) That Can Be Quickly Transformed To Blood Sugar (Which The Body Uses For Fuel). This Is Exactly Why When We Are Excessively Stressed Or Anxious, You Crave Raw Sugar Foods Such As Sugar Sweets, Chocolate, And Real High Carbs. When Your Body’s Broadly Stress Increases So Can The Demand For Craving Sugar, Sweets, Chocolate, Junk Food And Raw Sugar Foods. Sugars Have Been Revealed To Amplifty The Symptoms Of Anxiety. Yes, I Know Right Chocolate Is So Good Who Would Of Known?! Now Sugar Or Candy Whichever You Want To Call It Doesn’t Cause Anxiety Or Depression Or Any Other Mental Illness But It Does Worsen Them. So Cutting Down On Candy Is A Must If You Have A Mental Illness. Sugar Can Cause Difficulty Thinking, Fatigue, And Blurry Vision Which All Can Be Clarified As Signs Of A Panic Attack By That Means Increasing Worry And Fear. A Sugar Rush And Following Crash Can Cause Tension And Shaking Which Is Why Sugar Can Make Anxiety Worse. There’s A Proven Connection Between Sugar And Anxiety. Even Though There Is A Proven Connection Between Sugar And Anxiety, Everybody’s Different. What Might Effect You May Not Effect Someone Else And Vice Versa. Down Below I Wrote Down Good Source Of Protein Foods And Some Which Help With Anxiety.

20 Foods That Can Boost Your Moods And Have Good Source of Protein, And Good For Anxiety.

1. Eggs (Yolk)

2. Greek Yogurt

3. Fish

4. Nuts.

5. Beans 19.

6. Soy

7. Lentils

8. Fruits

9. Brown Rice

10. Beef

11. Oranges

12. Lefty Greens

13. Brown Rice

14. Whole Grain Wheat Bread

15. Cashews

16. Liver

17. Omega 3 Fattys

18. Magnesium

19. Low-Glycemic Foods

20. Folate And Other B Vitamins

Changing The Way You Eat Can Be A Big Big Difference. Eating The Right Source Of Foods Can Be Good And Improving, Especially For Mental Health. Down Below I Wrote Down Some Foods And Drinks To Stay Away From. They Could Actually Be The Reason Why Your Anxiety Symptoms Are Worse And Your Mental State.

19. Foods And Drinks To Stay Away From.

1. Coffee

2. Regular Sodas (Yes Diet Too)

3. Candy (Sugar) Artificial And Refine

4. Fruit Juice

5. Toast

6. Ketchup

7. Energy Drinks

8. Alcohol

9. Donuts

10. Fried Foods

11. Biscuits

12. Hydrogenated Oil

13. Fast Foods

14. High Sodium Foods

15. Dairy Products

16. Vegetable Oils

17. Omega 6 Fatty Acids

18. Gluten Foods

19. Trans Fat

Some Of These Foods May Not Affect Everybody The Same Or Maybe They Don’t But Some Studies Do Show That Sugar Can In Fact Make Anxiety And Depression Symptoms Worse. Also, Talk With Your Physician, Nutritionist, Or Psychiatrist Before Deciding To Change Your Diet. It’s Always Good To Discuss Things First With Your Doctor. I Also Have The Resources That Does Show That Sugar In Fact Reduce Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression. As Well As Some Foods.





Also, Before Switching Your Diet Do Talk To Your Doctor Before Doing The Switch.

I Have Talked To My Doctor About My Diet. We Came Up With A Conclusion For My Diet. He To Believes Changing My Diet Will Also Help My Depression And Anxiety More. “You Are What You Eat,” Is A True Fact.

10 Things About Anxiety No One Talks About.

Good Evening Beautiful People. I Hope Everyone Is Having A Good Day Today. Let No One Steal Your Joy. My Day Is Going Good So Far. My Son Jayden Is Gone With His Daddy. They Probably Going Fishing. They Love Fishing! I’ll Pass On Going Fishing But I’ll Surely Eat Them. Haha. I’m Not A Big Fan Of Going Fishing But I’ll Surely Cook Them. Anyways, Like I Said My Son Is Gone And I’m Home Relaxing And Writing. I Came Up With 10 Things About Anxiety No One Talks About. I Would Love If You Guys Checked It Out And Tell Me What You Think. Feel Free To Like, Comment, And Even Share!

Struggling With Anxiety Can Be Rough! It Can Tear You Down If You Let It. But There’s Help. There’s No Need To Be Ashamed Or Embarrassed! You Are Not Alone! You Are Very Strong. Click The Link Below And Check Out My 10 Things About Anxiety No One Talks About. Feel Free To Like, Comment, And Share!




If You Need Help Or Know Someone Else That Needs Help, Please Please Visit The National Suicide Preventions Lifeline. You Can Even Reach The Crisis Text Line By Texting “START” To 741-741. 

There Is Help! You Are Not Alone! Don’t Be Afraid Or Ashamed To Dial Any Of These Numbers. Asking For Help Doesn’t Mean That You Are Weak. It Means You Are Strong And Knowing You Need Help And Going Get Help Shows You Are A Very Strong Person. Depression Is A Illness Not A Weakness. Be Blessed My Loves.


Wishing You All A Happy New Year!!!!

Wishing You All A Happy New Year With The Faith That You Will Have Many Blessings In This Year!! Out With The Old And In With The New. 2019 I’m Ready For You!! I’m Sitting Here Thinking About All My Blessings And Wishing You All More. I Hope You All Enjoy This New Year That’s Here. May This New Year Bring New Happiness And New Goals And So Much More. Let Go Of The Past And Get Ready For The Future Don’t Ever Look Back Remain Focus. 2018 Wasn’t The Best But I’m Prepared For What’s Next For My Son And I. This Year I’m Telling That Depression You Are Not Getting The Best Of Me. Life Is Real Short And You Only Get One. Plus, I Have To Be Here For My Son. Jayden Is My Miracle Baby Boy. I Couldn’t Imagine Life Without Him. 2019 I Am Ready For You. And I’m Switching Things Up Too. My Diet. My Eating. You Are What You Eat Is Really A True Fact. As A Matter Of Fact, Certain Foods And Drinks Reduce Anxiety And Depression Symptoms. So, Yes I’m Changing The Way I Eat And Drink This Year And From Now On. I Am 31 Years Old Now. I May Not Look It And It Isn’t That I’m Old. It’s About Time I Start Eating Healthy. I’m Starting My Year Off Healthy And Praying To God For Prosperity, Happiness, More Blessings, Love And A Healthy Year For My Son My Mom, Sisters, And Family. If Thing’s Didn’t Go Good For You Last Year Dust It Off And Try Again This Year. Happy New Year Once Again To You All!! Be Safe And Stay Prayed Up!! God Bless All Of You. Much Love, Jackie & Jayden!!!

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