Mental Health: When Major Depression Makes You Lose Hope, Remember Don’t Give Up, There Is Hope

Mental Health: When Major Depression Makes You Lose Hope, Remember Don’t Give Up, There Is Hope

Losing hope from major depression can make life very difficult. It can make every moment, every part, of life feel impossible.

No matter what your situation is, don’t lose hope and don’t lose focus. The belief that your life can and will get better is a essential part of recovery from major depression. Happily, hope a renewable resource.

Everyday won’t be a good day, some days are worse than others, but hope guides us through the darkest times. Without it, we stay mired in despair. Hope allows us to believe that change is very possible— that even in the midst of that relapse, you’ll find yourself again. Hope is what gives us the strength to right back up and try again.

What is hope exactly, and how to sustain it?

It’s a character trait that helps us thrive. The desire to attain a certain end and the belief it is very much possible to attain it.

Hope relies on what psychologists call “agency”— the certainty that you can deploy control over your actions and your environment.

Optimism also plays a big role— the confidence that things will somehow work out for the better. “Hope” is a combination of lessening suffering and psychic pain and building more positive assumptions for the future.

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Don’t miss it!! Mental illness does not discriminate, It affects all… it don’t matter your age or gender. Your skin color it makes no difference. Mental illness can happen to anybody. It can start in the beginning, and last for a century. It can start at age 10 or 15, it’s confusing… it comes without a warning. Leaving you wondering if something’s wrong with you, it just comes out the blue. Even celebrities, has to deal with those same illnesses.

It can happen to anybody. Black or white….

If you or someone you know… think you may be struggling with depression or any other mental illness… talk to your doctor. Please! And remember you are not alone. Remember there is hope. Never give up! Keep fighting! And keep pushing! —- Face Depression

New Blog Name New Blog Change… Face Depression

New Blog Name New Blog Change… Face Depression

You are not alone. Together we can prove all the stigma around mental illnesses wrong!!!

Good afternoon everyone!! I hope you all are having a great and blessed day. I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day. My day is going good so far I can’t complain. My son Jayden keeps me going even when I feel I don’t have the energy. School is back in session for the kids, and man did the summer go by quick huh?! Jayden goes to a better school that is close to his dad’s house, because the schools located by me are horrible. Nowadays the teachers just doesn’t care to actually teach like they use too. So as I was saying, he goes to a better school by his daddy and he is doing so much better there! Yay!! I actually love the school and before switching my son Jayden, I had already heard so many good things about the school. So I decided to give the schools a try. He went from one school to the other, and he went from doing not so good to doing great! I saw the difference from the change, and it’s awesome! I’m so proud, I’m one proud mother of one. He comes by me on the weekend and this weekend it was a holiday right behind it, Labor Day which was Monday and he also had Tuesday off. He went back to school Wednesday, he’s not far from me at all and even though I see him everyday, I still always miss him when he is gone. But, his education comes first, and the first school he was attending was horrible and they had so many complaints. So, I had to do what was best for him, and his education.

My son Jayden and I. He’s my pride and my joy.

My son’s father and I do whatever it takes to make sure our son is okay, and taken care of. From spending time with him and showing him what love really is, to showing him how important an education is, and that you can’t make it without it. Showing him life is what you make of it, so enjoy it. Teaching him right from wrong, because doing wrong gets you nowhere in life.

That’ll be another discussion, and another post that I will talk about. Upholding your kids when they do wrong.

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